Introducing The Nudgecast

The Nudgecast puts you in the room with Nudge team members and industry thought leaders as we tackle the biggest problems in population health management.

Co-Founder & President at Nudge

If you've been following the Scale Well Podcast, don't worry, you're in the right place. This is the first official episode of The Nudgecast, so I naturally had a few checklist items to cover. For example...

  • Why are you rebranding?

  • What will be different about The Nudgecast?

  • What is the schedule going to look like?

  • Who are these other team members and thought leaders you'll be talking to?

For all the changes, I can say with confidence that if you liked Scale Well, then you will LOVE The Nudgecast.

We debated whether we should 'relaunch' as a totally separate podcast, but decided in the end that simply 'rebranding' and continuing on the same feed was the right solution.

Along with bringing you in on more internal conversations inside Nudge, I'll be adding several regular guests that you'll get to know through almost monthly conversations on various key problems and solutions relating to effecting population health management digital engagement in healthcare, and digital coaching.

(Hear Nudgecast Host Phil Beene explain what is digital coaching on The Wellness Business Podcast with Kathleen Legrys and Karen Paddock.)

Recurring guests will include my co-founder and CEO of Nudge, Mac Gambill who will join me for monthly chats that we will call "Founders Talks".

Serial healthcare and wellness entrepreneur Matt Essex and Nudge Chief Science Officer, Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk will join us for a regular deep dive on engagement strategy, the development of "Health Engagement Science", online and remote health coaching, program implementation and more.

And for our last 'regular segment', Dan Hoemke, one of the more agile and disruptive thinkers in healthcare, a former regional CEO of Humana, who currently serves as Chief Business Officer at BaseHealth, and as a key healthcare advisor here at Nudge will join us to dive into the importance of health engagement within the shift to value-based health solutions.

Lastly, we'd love to get you involved in the conversation!  If you have any questions or ideas that you'd like for us to tackle on The Nudgecast you can email the show at

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