The "Holy Grail" of Population Health

Population health management efforts have been failing for 25+ years. So why is that about to change?

For Episode 4 of The Nudgecast I had the pleasure of picking the brain of a life-long innovatir and veteran of the healthcare C-Suite Dan Hoemke to discuss his career-long passion for solving the population health management puzzle, the history of PHM and engagement efforts, and what he thinks is needed to finally create a sustainable engagement strategy that’s both effective and efficient.

  • The unsustainability of healthcare costs and the status quo population health management.

  • The 25+ year history of population health management efforts and why they have such a high failure rate.

  • The emerging science health engagement, and why remote coaching and engagement efforts must be personalized in order to be effective.

What is the role of engagement in healthcare and population health management? How long has the idea of engagement been around? What is preventing organizations from being more effect at risk management, cost management and health management? You may be surprised by the answers. Using HIMSS trends as a backdrop for the story, we discuss how the arrival of advanced predictive analytics that can effectively identify rising risk has only shed more light on the desperate need for effective and efficient ways to personally and efficiently engage target segments of the population who need it.

With the right technology, efficient care pathways, and personalized engagement efforts informed by the lessons of behavioral science we finally have all the tools we need to deliver on all the promises of population health management and value-based principles. To learn more about how all the puzzle pieces fit together, register now to join Dan and I for a special webinar presentation on April 19th, and find out why Dan calls engagement the “Holy Grail of Population Health.”

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