The Art of Masterful Onboarding

From qualifying participants to personalizing interactions, there are no shortcuts to effective onboarding.

Co-Founder & President at Nudge

For Episode 5 of The Nudgecast I share several clips from the first part of our most recent webinar, where Nudge CEO Mac Gambill talked through the key facets and often missed secrets to creating a highly effective onboarding strategy for any wellness, population health management or remote coaching initiative. You will hear Mac discuss

  • Two extremely common misconceptions that become pitfalls for many initiatives
  • One factor that we’ve found has a strikingly high correlation with how long participants tend to engage in programs
  • What’s missing from the assessment or participant qualification phase or most programs
  • The importance of matching your communications with the behavioral factors or readiness of each participant, and more.

Why is the onboarding workflow such an important place to invest time and effort? In our experience, haphazard planning and execution of key aspects of the onboarding process is almost always the root cause of poor program engagement. It all starts with taking the time and care to get to know your audience, and that doesn’t just mean demographic info and health status! Pay close as Mac discusses how the concept of readiness for change drives successful onboarding from the beginning.

No matter how your program is structured you have to find ways to humanize the experience.
— Mac Gambill

How might a good onboarding strategy differ between a fully remote coaching initiative and one with regular opportunities for face-to-face connections? You will hear Mac touch on several important pieces of the Nudge approach - how we teach and collaborate with our partners to implement successful onboarding and engagement strategies.

If listening isn’t enough you can still get the full webinar experience by requesting access to The Art of Masterful Onboarding through this page

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