Nudge Coach Product Updates (January 2018)


The Business of Remote Health Coaching

A Nudge Academy Premium Course


Course Description

Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding remote health coaching to your existing business, this course will serve as your guide to the most critical beginning stages and ensure you have a strong foundation for success.


Developing a practical, effective go to market strategy for the business of remote health coaching.


Course Outline

Part 1:  Personal S.W.O.T. Analysis

Why analyze your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Simple approach to S.W.O.T.

How to leverage your strengths and opportunities and mitigate your weaknesses and threats.

Part 2:  Clarifying your Purpose (Your “Why”)

Understanding the value, short and long term.

How to shape your purpose.

Using your purpose to stay on track.

Part 3:  Crafting your Vision and Strategy

Determining where you want to go (vision).

Deciding how you are going to get there (strategy).

Using your S.W.O.T. analysis to help you execute.

Part 4:  Building a Remote Health Coaching Business Model

What is a business model and why does it matter?

Types of remote health coaching approaches.

- i - Synchronous v. Asynchronous Communication.

- ii - The asynchronous (digital only) Approach.

- iii - The hybrid approach.

Types of remote health coaching business models.

- i - Program focused models.

- ii - Goal focused models.

- iii - Lifestyle focused models.

- iv - Pricing your model.

Part 5:  ringing All Together (Creating your Strategic an)

Utilizing your course resources and discussion forum.

Avoiding ‘paralysis by analysis’.

How to craft a practical, execution-oriented go to market strategy.

The importance of consistent action.

Bonus Materials

“Best Practice Bonus” Sessions Included with the Course:

- i - Remote coaching v. traditional coaching - how keeping it simple provides more value.

- ii - The pitfalls of texting/emailing your clients: You may be breaking the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) Regulations and not even know it.

- iii - How to strengthen client rapport through remote coaching.

Additional Bonuses

Community Forum

Select Podcast Episodes

Free Program Assessment (for those interested in launching with Nudge Coach)

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