Why We Knew We Had To Build Nudge Coach

Shortly after launching the consumer version of Nudge in January 2014 we realized that our scoring mechanism had the potential to provide significant value to health professionals charged with monitoring increased client or patient lists.

Realizing An Opportunity

Our core objective in creating the consumer app was to introduce a tool to the market allowing users to compare themselves to those around them and essentially create a system where a soccer mom with a Fitbit could see how she compared with an advanced cyclist using Strava.

Conversations with multiple health professionals opened our eyes to how useful Nudge could be in helping a professional manage the lifestyles of larger populations, and more importantly, quickly identify users needing additional attention in order to provide enhanced patient care where it was needed.

Through the Spring, we interviewed professionals and launched surveys to ensure that this was a market worth addressing. We learned that…

  1. Professionals were trying to manage people through multiple tracking apps, which generally lead to frustration and data privacy concerns.
  2. There were few platforms to help enhance workflow and manage contacts and communication… much less, those that were HIPAA compliant.
  3. Scaling a patient or client list is tough, and our lifestyle index could probably make it a bit easier.

With that said, I’m happy to formally present our new solution to make your life easier, Nudge Coach. Nudge Coach is a HIPAA-compliant solution that leverages the technology from our consumer app to help you manage larger populations more effectively.

Whether you are a personal trainer with 15 clients, or a physician using apps with several hundred patients, the Nudge ecosystem will provide you with a single hub to manage data analysis and communication while your clients continue using the apps they enjoy, like Fitbit or Runkeeper.

How It Works

Nudge Coach collects the data from our consumer app and presents a dynamic patient list allowing you to view a snapshot of your population to help you spend your time where it is most needed, while also providing you with a single tool to monitor lifestyle habits… no more switching between multiple platforms.

Our hope with this new solution is that you will be able to effectively scale your business, enhancing your care capabilities and increasing your revenue potential.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding how Nudge Coach could help you.