This is how on-demand healthcare benefits everyone

Dr. Shaiv Kapadia, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Iggbo joins us to talk about how they're making on-demand healthcare services possible and share advice for entrepreneurs. Iggbo, once called 'Uber for Phlebotomy,' is building an on-demand network for healthcare labor. Watch this interview to learn [3:00] how Iggbo came to exist, [12:20] what the implications of on-demand healthcare labor really are for key stakeholders in the industry, [22:10] how to find early adopters for their network, [38:30] what Shaiv's best advice for healthcare disrupting entrepreneurs is, and more. Click here to learn more about Iggbo.

Nuggets of Wisdom

""Lab diagnostics drive 70-80% of what I need as a physician to diagnose and manage a patient, and yet it's only about 3% of the total healthcare spend. 70% driver of decisions, 3% of the healthcare spend, and so listen to this: compliance for getting these lab tests is less than 70%... so 30-40% of the time the blood never gets drawn... if you think about chronic diseases, many of which require regular blood panels to uncover risk, you're missing that opportunity now."

Dr. Shaiv Kapadia

"There are 1.4 billion venipunctures annually in the US - very similar to the number of taxi rides to continue that analogy - so how can appropriately use technology to drive the right testing at the right time? Not to over-utilize testing, but to do what needs to be done to enable people to get the right care."

Dr. Shaiv Kapadia

"The most important thing I think I can impart is that you have to understand the problem, understand your customer. And then build a crazy-good product."

Dr. Shaiv Kapadia

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