The Evolution of the Practice Model

James Maskell, author and founder of the Evolution of Medicine and Functional Forum joins co-hosts Mac Gambill and Phil Beene on the Scale Well Podcast to talk about lessons learned while building a massive audience, the future of functional medicine, and optimizing the practice model including,

[1:20] how and why the Functional Forum got started and how it's evolved over time,

[8:30] the value of recording (and making available evergreen) educational content,

[9:40] how a small, local Meetup group in New York turned into a network of over 200 groups all over the globe,

[14:30] how to accelerate growth by solving a need for a key channel partner,

[18:25] how to keep an intensely loyal following (even with a huge audience),

[21:00] the power of the "everyman story" as a marketing tactic,

[23:40] the role technology is playing and the pain-points it's solving in the "evolution of medicine" and optimizing practice models,

[26:25] the business model that will power "functional medicine 2.0" practices, and how the practice of the future will package care,

[33:25] capturing the attention and trust of an audience,

[34:45] how the micro-practice ("box") model of Crossfit could translate to medical practices,

[37:50] what the centers of health creation will look like in the future,

[44:30] and what's next. Click here to learn more about building a better, more lucrative practice model with the Evolution of Medicine.


Evolution of Medicine - James' company.

The Evolution of Medicine: Join the movement to solve chronic disease and fall back in love with medicine - the new book from James Maskell.

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