[PODCAST] Nutrition plans don't scale well

Jason Deutsch, co-founder of PreviMedica, joined Nudge Coach co-founders Phil Beene and Mac Gambill to talk about his experience building a digital health business WAY before it was a trendy space, including, [4:05] what he learned from putting out a digital wellness MVP (minimum viable product), [8:00] what scalability problems he ran into and how they addressed them with technology, [14:10] how they went about defining and packaging your digital wellness offering, [16:10] how they tested and found the right pricing model for your new offering, [17:45] how they are measuring success and their KPIs (key performance indicators), [21:50] and his take on whether it is possible make a purely digital health service model sticky enough for consumers, and how they do it. Click here to learn more about PreviMedica.

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