Maximizing Online Courses and Customer Feedback

Aaron Price, Co-Founder and CEO of Wyzed, joins co-hosts Mac Gambill and Phil Beene on the Scale Well Podcast to talk about how they turned customer feedback into a more scalable business, how to maximize return from your online course, and more, including,

[2:20] how to strategically iterate based on customer feedback,

[4:20] the ways businesses are getting the most value from their online training courses,

[6:05] what businesses are charging for access to their online training courses for customers,

[8:20] using online training to make sales and marketing processes more scalable, lead capture, lead nurturing - read our 'how-to' blog post on this topic here - 

[16:20] how the Wyzed revenue model and pricing model evolved, [18:45] what the next phase of product growth has to look like to scale their business further, 3rd party platform integrations, online membership management tools,

[20:45] how this enables the next generation of fitness and wellness businesses,

[26:00] what software tools and platforms Wyzed use internally to run their business,

[32:00] and more lessons for product companies to remember. Click here to learn more about creating your own online course with Wyzed.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Talking about which customer feedback for implement first...

"If it makes your life easier, then it's good for us."
- Aaron Price

Talking about the value of online courses...

"The key is how to provide heaps of value when you aren't there."
- Aaron Price

Talking about customer feedback...

"Sometimes you just have to keep your ear up and listen your way to a decent business."
- Phil Beene


Wyzed - online training made simple.

Mailchimp - simple, affordable email marketing platform.

Calendly - save time scheduling meetings.

Zapier - integrations hub, great tool to automate business processes/workflows.

Mike Thomas from My Path Wellness - customer of Wyzed, runs a great fitness/wellness business.

Zoom - our favorite web-conferencing platform.

Hubspot CRM - free easy-to-use CRM.

Squarespace - easy-to-build websites and landing pages.