How to Streamline Posture Analysis

This week Dr. Joe Ferrantelli CEO of PostureCo joins Mac and Phil to talk about bringing clinical-grade posture analysis to the iPad, how your pricing strategy can help you target your ideal customer, and more including,

[2:10] how PostureScreen came to exist and the pain points it was created to address for practitioners,

[6:50] when premium pricing in the App Store is the right choice and its benefits,

[9:45] how the PostureScreen recurring revenue model works and how it came about,

[15:15] how doctors and fitness professionals are working PostureScreen scans into their processes and pricing models in the practice and facility,

[22:45] how using clinical iPad apps can improve the patient experience,

[28:00] how platforms for remote tracking and analysis are changing the game in healthcare, wellness and fitness,

[29:45] what it's like to go through a price increase,

[34:30] the perception created by the dynamic of having your high-end clinical app next to free games like Angry Birds in the App Store,

[38:00] Android vs. iOS for clinical apps, and what percentage of practitioners are on iOS. Click here to learn about simplifying posture analysis with PostureScreen.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Talking about why the new generation of software platforms for clinical practices:

"The ultimate goal is that we need to make professionals that much faster and more efficient."
- Dr. Joe Ferrantelli

Talking about how iPad is becoming a go-to platform for clinical practice technologies:

"Now we start looking at these iPads we have and we're like, wow! There's actual clinical applications for this."
- Mac Gambill

Attempting to put the value of PostureScreen and LeanScreen into layman's terms:

"Basically what this turns into is a clinical version of a before and after photo."
- Phil Beene


PostureScreen for iOS - fast, accurate Posture Analysis / Body Composition / Movement Screening Evaluation Software for Chiropractors, Physical, Massage & Manual Therapists, and Fitness Professionals.

LeanScreen for iOS - calculate accurate body composition, body fat percentage, waist hip ratio, BMI, BMR and lean body mass, all from photographs.

Zapier - integrations hub - makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps

Web Exercises - key partner for Dr. Joe and PostureCo, lets you quickly and easily create concise and personalized exercise programs, selecting from over 3,000 clinically accepted exercises and stretches from all body regions.

InBody - leading maker of body composition analyzers for medical practices, fitness businesses, professional sports franchises and more.

Nudge Coach - easy-to-use lifestyle health management system for wellness businesses and medical practices.

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