Making Boring Old Service Businesses Scalable (with Zach Olson from Bookly)

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Zach Olson, founder and CEO of Bookly joins us to talk about turning boring, old-fashioned services into highly scalable subscription businesses, including...

[8:30] taking an antiquated and boring service industry like bookkeeping and accounting and wrapping those services in a fresh, sexy software as a service delivery system,

[21:00] just how important metrics are in today's business environment and what access to real-time data can do for business owners,

[22:05] the challenge of packaging common services into a simple subscription pricing model,

[28:30] and the many interesting parallels between the values and problem solving approaches of many up-and-coming SaaS startups that span across virtually all industries.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Talking about the importance of having the most up-to-date information when making business decisions:

"For every small business out there, being able to make decisions on relevant information is what's going to make you successful."
- Zach Olson

Talking about what's been lacking in the small business bookkeeping industry:

"We want our clients to experience real-time bookkeeping because that's really what has been lacking from the industry. Delayed data, and delayed access."
- Zach Olson

Talking about the limited amount of time business owners have:

"As founders, we think about how much time we can spend on growth activities rather than day-to-day stuff, it's services like that you guys provide that make that possible."
- Phil Beene

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