How To Fix Your Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Website

This week Timothy Sarazen, Director at joins us to dive into the real tricks of the trade for effective fitness and wellness websites that rank in Google search and capture leads including,

[5:00] real examples of how looking at data helps you optimize site rankings and conversions,

[10:00] the perception that your website is creating for visitors and potential clients in your community,

[17:00] the importance of using the right verbiage to describe yourself and your programs online,

[31:00] why you can't try to be all things to all people,

[34:00] how digital business strategies complement even fitness and wellness businesses with a local-first focus,

[38:00] social media best practices that will actually move the needle, and more. Click here to learn more about 97display.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Talking about the impact your website can have on the way prospects perceive your business:

"When does the perception of your business first begin? Well, it first begins when someone searches a phrase and they see your search results."
- Timothy Sarazen

The same topic continued:

"It doesn't matter what your credentials are. If your website looks bad, the perception of your community is bad."
- Timothy Sarazen

Talking about why initiating a phone call is the primary goal of most of the sites 97display builds:

"If you as a fitness professional can get on the phone with someone and talk to them about why your services are the best, that's going to be more effective than a million emails and sales pages and landing pages."
- Timothy Sarazen

Shoutouts in this Episode - type in a couple of search terms that are relevant to your business and just see how different your potential is when focusing on different terms and concepts.

Wyzed - easy to use learning management platform - Aaron Price from Wyzed was talked with us about what online training can do for your business in this previous podcast episode.

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