Cookie Policy

Effective May 25, 2018


Cookies are small pieces of text that we store on your web browser or mobile device when you access our products and services. They serve a variety of functions which enable us to provide coaches and their clients with a secure, seamless experience across our apps and websites.

Why We Use Cookies

Nudge uses cookies to provide the following services:

  • Authentication and security. Nudge uses cookies help you verify your account and the device you’re using to log into our services in order to help you seamlessly and securely access our products and services.

  • Performance and analytics. Cookies help us analyze how coaches and their clients use our products and services. This allows us to improve the performance and functionality of our system.

  • Payments processing. Cookies allow us to securely connect our coaches with our payments processing system allowing coaches to easily maintain and make changes to their payment info.

  • Coach/client communication. Cookies help us to maintain a persistent communication channel between a coach and their client, allowing both parties to send and receive real-time messages to each other.

Cookies On Our Website and Apps