Online Coaching: The Best Coaching Platforms and Technologies For Your Business

This is our list of the best online coaching platforms, plus 3 of our favorite workflow enhancing tools for your organization.

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Online coaching has evolved significantly over the past decade transitioning from in-person or telephonic-only offerings to those more appropriately classified as digital coaching or mobile coaching.

Health coaching may still incorporate telephonic or in-person sessions, but technology, such as health coaching platforms, has enabled businesses to launch highly scalable models without compromising coaching effectiveness.

When looking at online coaching platforms or full coaching solutions it’s critical to realize that most technologies are designed to solve specific pain points in the coaching workflow, and as such means that some will be better suited for solopreneurs just getting started with their business vs. others that may be best suited for more established businesses.

As a result, the “BEST” online coaching software will likely consist of a combination of the following depending on the needs of the business:

  • Administrative Elements (generally more appropriate for smaller businesses)

    • Contracts, Payments, Scheduling, etc.

  • Mechanism for Remote Communication

    • Telephonic, SMS, Video

  • Data collection (lifestyle, biometric, etc)

    • Smartphone or mobile health devices

  • Data Monitoring & Analysis (critical for more established businesses)

    • Understand who needs your attention

  • Content Delivery

    • PDF, General Website, or through Learning Management System (LMS)

The Best Online Coaching Platforms on The Market

With these items in mind, below are some of the top recommended coaching platforms based on sites, such as and other technologies we’ve encountered in the market.

Keep in mind that some coaching management software may be more geared towards nutritionally focused coaching vs. general engagement vs. general accountability, etc.

For Individual Coaches and Solopreneurs...

  • Satori
    Streamlines the entire coaching and business management process for coaches wanting a full solution out of the box to run their business.

    Combination of customer relationship management (CRM) tool + business intelligence tool.

Satori Health Coaching Platform
  • CoachAccountable
    Similar to Satori, CoachAccountable allows you to run your business out of single platform, including accepting payments, scheduling sessions, creating detailed, individual coaching plans for clients to be delivered electronically, sharing documents.

CoachAccountable Coaching Platform
  • Ascend (by Lose It)
    A complement to the Lose It app for nutritionists or dietitians focused specifically on having clients follow detailed tracking protocols.

    Clients use the Lose It app and professionals are able to view client progress and communicate through the Ascend platform.

Ascend Coaching App


For Coaching and Care Management Teams

  • Nudge Coach
    HIPAA-compliant online coaching software focused on helping businesses drive coaching efficiency and effectiveness, used by both smaller businesses and organizations with larger coaching teams.

    Enables health coaches and coaching teams to deliver their services at scale by identifying who needs attention so you can reach out for a timely touchpoint, or even schedule a message to be delivered in the future.

    A couple things to Note.
    1. You can
    get started with an account here for as little as $25/month.

    2. White labeling available resulting in deployment of branded app to the app store for use by clients or patients.


  • PDHI
    Configurable coaching system designed to fit within an organization's coaching workflow.

    Participants can be stratified and assigned to coaches based on assessments or testing results, after which coaches can assign goals, view client progress, and communicate with patients or clients.

    Reporting available for administrators or managers to get insights into participation, appointments, encounters, etc.

PDHI Health Coaching System


  • Welkin
    Welkin is a configurable patient management platform designed specifically for healthcare businesses. Their solution is configured based on an organization's program needs ensuring the software supports every moment of the patient relationship and pinpointing where patients may fall through the cracks.

WelkinHealth Care Management Platform


  • Healthie
    Healthie considers itself the all-in-one practice management and telehealth platform for managing a nutrition/wellness business; however, they also provide an enterprise solution for larger entities.

    Their robust solution includes everything from payments, charting, to telehealth services enabling enterprises and organizations to scale, improve efficiency, and extend their offerings.

Healthie Coaching Solution


Additional Technologies to Supercharge Your Online Coaching Program

That said, most consumers of technology would argue that a platform is always 1 feature short, so below are the other useful tools we’ve seen incorporated into effective coaching workflows, as well as ways we've tied them into our business. 

  • Typeform
    Build consumer-friendly assessments your clients will love. Easily integrates with most tools through Zapier.

Typeform Assessement Builder

We use Typeform for the registration process for a demo of the Nudge Coach Platform.

  • Calendly
    Integrates with your calendar (gmail, Outlook, etc) so clients can seamlessly book appointments with you based on your actual availability.

    You can either distribute a personal booking link or a booking link for an entire team. We've seen this dramatically increase efficiency as not only reduces the amount of back and forth for scheduling, but also in the fact that you can include booking links within automated emails or embedded in buttons on landing page.

    Easily integrates with most tools through Zapier.


We use Calendly for booking conversations with our team, which you can use to connect with our team.

Nudge Coach Success Team

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  • ZOOM
    HIPAA-compliant video platform that is rapidly growing within the health and wellness space. ZOOM is a fantastic platform for multiple reasons:

    • Does NOT require your client to have an account to join a call

    • You can record and share sessions through simple links

    • They have a webinar option if you want to broadcast out to a group.

    • It integrates with EVERYTHING... my calendar, Slack, etc.

ZOOM is probably our most used platform internally as we use it for 1-to-1 and group calls, hosting training sessions, hosting webinars, and recording podcast episodes and webinars. 

  •  Thinkific
    Consolidate your content into a single course which can be incorporated into your site and easily distributed to your clients. Your course can either be offered as a free resource, or as an additional service offering supplementing your revenue stream.

Thinkific Learning Management System

We use Thinkific to host Nudge Academy, including Dr. Steve's Guide to Digital Health Coaching

Ultimately while all of these solutions provide significant value it’s critical to identify which ones best match the needs of the business and client population.