Overworked Practitioner To Thriving Health Care Entrepreneur

No one empowers practitioners to rethink their practice model the way Dr. Charlie Webb does...

Dr. Charlie Webb, founder of Freedom Practice Coaching and Imagine Wellness Center, joins us this week to discuss how his San Antonio, TX-based practice is disrupting the traditional healthcare practice model by partnering with practitioners to train them to succeed with a non-insurance based, proactive wellness model.

Dr. Webb has a lot to share on seeing your practice as a business, and how having that philosophy front and center gives you incredible advantages over your mainstream competition.

[01:25] A run through of what Dr. Charlie Webb and Freedom Practice Coaching does for clients,

[04:24] How losing almost everything when the .com bubble burst became a turning point for toward functional medicine and proactive wellness,

[06:23] On Founding Imagine Wellness Center and starting Freedom Practice Coaching,

[07:25] Disrupting the healthcare and health insurance industry by giving patients knowledge,

[09:48] The trend of practitioners and doctors identifying and understanding themselves more as businesses,

[12:49] Practices that do well as hybrids between proactive and traditional health,

[15:18] Tips and insights on how to transition from the traditional model to a cash-based practice model,

[17:48] Common pain points clients have in trying to scale their business,

[20:46] Aligning your values and dreams with your business model and putting your ego aside,

[25:50] How to know if Freedom Practice Coaching is the right investment for your business,

[28:44] The importance of qualifying prospective patients (and prospects for Freedom Practice Coaching),

[33:55] Advice to those worried about being a premium-priced solution,

[37:50] Creating a business model based on investing in an outcome rather than charging on a fee-per-service basis...

You can also reach out to Freedom Practice Coach to schedule a discovery consult by calling 210-417-4268.

Nuggets of Wisdom

"Every health practitioner out there can do proactive wellness. They know how to eat right, they know how to detox, they know how to exercise."

- Dr. Webb

"I have a big purpose in disrupting healthcare in this country. Because not everyone needs health insurance; everyone needs knowledge, everyone needs to be empowered, health insurance never has been the fix, it never will be the fix. It's just a distraction in politics."

- Dr. Webb

"If we haven't taken the time and invested the time, money and effort into understanding that your practice is a business and if you haven't taken the time to invest in that, there are consequences. Just because you have a diploma does not give you a right to have a successful practice."

- Dr. Webb

"The number one pain point on both sides what we have to get through and what they have to get through is what's between their ears."

- Dr. Webb

"The last thing I need is a bad apple among our clients, and the last thing you need as a doctor is a bad apple in your waiting room."

- Dr. Webb

"The ethical thing to do when someone comes in is you've got to determine what they see as that destination. You can't simply identify symptoms and eliminating those symptoms as the goal."

- Dr. Webb

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