High performance health meets the virtual practice model

It hasn't always been easy for Dr. Isaac Jones, but what he's learned on his journey recently added up to a 7-figure revenue week for his virtual practice...

In this week's episode, we talk to Dr. Isaac Jones, a cutting-edge physician, consultant and co-founder of Elevays and Designer Health Centers, offering innovative strategies to help executives and entrepreneurs maximize their abilities and well-being through human potential healthcare.

Dr. Jones tells us about his own story starting in traditional medical practice, his decision to go virtual practice model to help patients in a new way, and he leaves us with several insightful tips entrepreneurs in any industry can use to maximize their own business.

[2:00] Early struggles and dissatisfaction with mainstream high-volume, low-service medical practice, 

[4:35] How he learned the confidence to stick to his story and value proposition to attract an audience of like-minded people as patients,

[6:15] The benefits and challenges of operating virtually and globally,

[12:30] Finding an area of expertise and building a brand around your audience,

[16:20] The importance of having different levels and price points to your programs,

[20:15] Some of the key packages and most popular options Dr. Jones offers in his programs,

[23:03] The difference in philosophies between Isaac's business and most modern medical practitioners, and creating a "wow" experience for customers,

[27:00] The importance of offering comparisons to between your model and your competitors for clients to understand your value,

[28:20] Monitoring on a daily basis to create accountability and gamify the process,

[29:41] What getting plugged in with other like-minded networks and influencers (like Dr. Josh Axe for example) can do for your business and exposure,

[34:00] How people can continue to get involved and learn from Dr. Jones...

If you want to connect and learn more about working with Dr. Jones, send him an email at drjones@elevays.com.

Nuggets of Wisdom

"I really did focus on telling my story which was this kid who was in special needs who was on all these medications who overcame these challenges through functional healthcare and functional and environmental medicine who then decided to become a doctor."

- Dr. Isaac Jones

"The future of healthcare really is in behavior change science."

- Dr. Isaac Jones

"We strive to be the opposite of the traditional medical system where it's high volume, low service; we're low volume, high service."

- Dr. Isaac Jones

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