How to turn your fitness passion into fitness business profits

Ryan Ketchum is extremely passionate about two things: peanut butter, and making fitness businesses better...

This week Ryan Ketchum, Executive Director of Fitness Revolution, Business Coach, and Peanut butter enthusiast, joins us to discuss how fitness professionals can grow their business, develop a digital business strategy, where fitness pros go wrong, why you should create free content, and much more….

[8:18] how Ryan transitioned from athlete to being an expert in the weight loss and fitness industry,

[11:32] how to “hustle and grow” to get to your first $10,000 a month mark in your business,

[15:19] why copying another business doesn’t set you up to win business and how selling your services cheap and undervaluing yourself will hurt your business in the long run,

[17:22] how the “express lane” sales technique can help you sell more of your services by asking your clients questions and creating an increase to the value of your transactions,

[19:29] exactly where fitness pros go wrong in their business due to insecurities,

[21:10] the exact steps to present yourself as a thought leader in the fitness space by focusing on your community,

[24:03] how to use “so that” to figure out what is meaningful to your client and how to attract the right kinds of people,

[33:10] what the roll of free content is in a fitness business and why you should put it out,

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Nuggets of Wisdom

“Are you working in the business or on the business?”

- Mac Gambill

“Scaling doesn’t mean opening multiple facilities, but rather to pursue the opportunities you want to because you’re not being held back and being limited by the challenges of the business. ”

- Ryan Ketchum

“No one tells you when you get out of school you almost need to be a digital marketing strategist to succeed in the fitness industry.”

- Mac Gambill

“The client could care less about you, it’s about them. What do you have that helps them. When you show them that, thats what marketing is all about!.”

- Ryan Ketchum

“Consumers are more educated in the fitness niche and understand fitness and nutrition more than ever. That’s why you need to put free content out. If you can create solutions and make them aware of the problem and give them the steps to get that problem solved you will attract the people in it.”

“People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.”

- Phil Beene

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