How to be a better CEO for your practice

Dr. Peter Camiolo and Dr. David Touhill want to set you free if you've become a "slave" to your practice...

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Peter Camiolo, co-founder and  CEO, and Dr. David Touhill, VP of Marketing and Technology for ChiroCEO, a firm dedicated to helping chiropractors get out of the "slavery" of their current practice and take over as CEO of their own businesses.

Drs. Camiolo and Touhill have plenty to share on how their own vision came to life, and share valuable advice on transitioning to a membership-based model, seeing your business as a franchise, and the transformative growth of telling customers' stories.

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[3:48] High-level overview of ChiroCEO, how and why Pete founded the company -

[6:55] When the moment of realization hit that the traditional practice model wasn't working for Pete -

[10:30] What was the transition like going towards a membership-based model? -

[12:15] The importance of having an end in mind when developing your business model to make it self-sustaining -

[15:00] How to start approaching the challenges of automating your business model through technology and the importance of creating a patient path -

[19:10] Creating a culture of testimony, and how that builds retention among patients -

[26:52] What led Pete and David to go into this direction with ChiroCEO? -

[29:27] How and why to create a franchise model for your business, even if you're not going to franchise it -

[33:30] How to avoid losing the humanness of the business when adopting a franchise mindset -

[38:27] Information on what to expect at the 10X Doctor Summit -


Learn more about ChiroCEO

Be sure to check out the inaugural 10x Doctor Summit taking place in Nashville, TN on October 13-14. Learn more on the Summit website.

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Nuggets of Wisdom

I came to this place where I realized I was a slave in my own practice. I was the highest paid employee, but I was also carrying the greatest level of responsibility and also I realized if I was to leave the business, the business would absolutely fall apart, but if my team members left, nothing would change.

- Dr. Pete Camiolo

I'm gonna speak to anybody who's listening now and see that if you're in a painful situation and something is not right, it may be the exact thing that you need to get you to the place you need to go. There's a good chance that it is.

- Dr. Pete Camiolo

I've seen such huge return in people just being able to share their story.

- Dr. Pete Camiolo

We want to see real people make real change. We want to solve a problem. Most practitioners are problem solvers. So if we say we're in this to solve problems and help people, then we have to start having the conversations, like are you actually helping people? How do you now if you're helping people? How are you defining that?

- Dr. Pete Camiolo

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