Talking Member Outreach Principles

We cover the 3 communications principles we apply to all member outreach, and best practices for phone, direct mail, and email outreach.

Co-Founder & President at Nudge

Fresh on the heels of last week’s outreach webinar, I used episode 10 of The Nudgecast to review some of the most practical, applicable and actionable takeaways for highly effective outreach and enrollment that prioritize engagement first, including...

  • The 3 communications principles that I apply to all marketing and outreach communications,

#1:  Empathy

Experience it through the eyes of each recipient.

#2:  Simplicity

Minimize choice, while maximizing utility.

#3:  Clarity

Make it hard to misunderstand.
  • How to apply the 3 principles to specific types of outreach communications, and the resulting outreach tactics and best practices that make up highly effective “Engagement First” outreach and enrollment.

    • Tactics and best practices for initial phone outreach (hint: you can’t count on the next call),

    • The do’s and don’ts for effective direct mail outreach, especially the “Intro Letter” (hint: consumers don’t speak healthcare, this is a jargon-free zone),

    • And the most important keys to effective digital and email outreach (hint: qualify leads and have a plan to nurture everyone).

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