Think Like A Marketer To Optimize Member Enrollment

We look at population health management like a marketer to help you identify opportunities to optimize the process from outreach to engagement.

Co-Founder & President at Nudge

For episode 9 of The Nudgecast I sat down for 20 good minutes with my esteemed colleague, Nudge Co-Founder and CEO Mac Gambill to take a look at population health management outreach and engagement through a marketing and managerial lens.

We take you on a talking tour of…

  • How to look at PHM member outreach and enrollment like a marketer, and why that perspective is important to enable your ability to optimize your processes over time,

  • The many benefits of looking at the outreach-to-enrollment process like a marketing funnel, for example:

    • The importance of defining and separating each specific stage of the funnel and often adding more steps to your funnel,

    • How that helps you gather better data on the effectiveness of your outreach and enrollment processes identify where to focus your time to improve your overall enrollment success,

    • And how that leads you to continually address the right trouble points and perform “funnel optimization” to improve enrollment and engagement,

  • Some of the most common pitfalls we see in the PHM outreach-to-engagement campaigns of partners we work with, such as:

    • Scripting problems, most commonly that are not designed to humanize or personalize the experience for the member,

    • Assuming members will be motivated to participate, and speaking to all members in the same way as a result (not understanding readiness stages),

    • The false assumption that the goal is to “enroll everybody” and the chain of “false positives” and incredible inefficiencies and misplaced resources that result,

  • And the importance of having a strategic plan for “nurturing” members who are not yet ready so that they can be given time to understand and internalize their reasons for wanting to engage to improve their health.

We make reference to this post from Mac on How Understanding Readiness Enhances Member Enrollment and specifically the PHM marketing funnel throughout this episode so please check that article out as well.