Fall Platform Updates: New Groups, Default Trackers and Design

Organize clients more easily, configure new programs in a snap, and filter through less information to accomplish more with our October updates to the Nudge platform.


A little over a month ago we recorded a webinar introducing the key changes coming to the Nudge platform in this update.

And now that it’s just days away from launch, we wanted to re-share a few clips from that webinar that cover the most important new features and changes so you are ready to take advantage of them when they go live.

Organizing Your Members With Groups

The newly re-imagined Groups feature is the powerhouse at the center of this update to the platform. All the most important tools for configuring and managing a particular program or group of members are now built right into Groups.

  1. When you create a new Group in Nudge, you can now configure the experience for anyone who will be added to that Group ahead of time by:

  2. Assigning Default Trackers that you will want everyone who you add to this program or group to track.

  3. Choose whether to create a forum-style Message Board in the app (formerly called “Communities”) for all members who are added to this group.

  4. Optionally, add a Leader Board based on a key metric for another way to keep your members engaged (steps is most common because it’s easy to track).

Once you’ve made these selections, you’re left with a pre-configured Group that you can easily add members to in order to automatically assign them the default trackers in their app, and give them access to the rest of the experience you just created.

Groups Configuration And Privacy Concerns

By enabling pre-configuration that streamlines so much of the experience you’re creating for your members, it’s natural to worry about accidentally configuring one or more members experiences in a way that makes them uncomfortable from a data privacy, accessibility, and sharing perspective.

Privacy is a primary concern for us, and we’ve taken several key steps that you should know about to ensure that you don’t accidentally share anyone’s data by the way you set up your Groups.

What if I accidentally turn on a Message Board for members who don’t want one?

It sounds bad, but this decision actually won’t share anyone’s information or make any members of your Group visible to one another. Here’s why:

When you enable a Message Board for a Group, it immediately gives all members of that group access to a forum where they can post messages to one another if the choose.

*** However, no member will ever be visible to anyone else until they actually go out of their way to post something publicly in the Group Message Board.

It is in this way that Group Message Boards are always inherently “opt-in” for all members.

What if I accidentally turn on a Leader Board for members who don’t want one?

This also sounds risky, but again from a privacy perspective, it is not as bad as it sounds.

Much like Message Boards, enabling a Leader Board does not actually made any member visible to others on a Leader Board *** until that member goes into the app and chooses to opt-in.

With Leader Boards this happens when a member goes into the Group and can now see that they have access to a new Leader Board.

*** However, in this case, in order to be visible to other members on the Leader Board, a member will first have to tap the “Join” button at the top of that screen in the app.

This way you can rest assured that no one will have their name or any data shared with other members in the app unless they explicitly take action and choose to do so.

The New Design And Member Profile

The goal of this redesign was to make what’s most essential to you, most accessible to you. And within Nudge that means what’s most essential to strengthen your relationships with your members so they stay engaged longer.

This should be apparent when you click into a member profile for the first time after the update.

Essential member info with health status and basic personal info is at the top, immediately followed by weekly snapshots of the most essential data that your members are actually tracking.

As we continue to refine, and add depth to our system, this core value of showing what’s most essential first, prioritizing data as best we can based on the way your programs are structured will be a guiding principle that you can count on from Nudge.

If you have any questions or concerns about how this update will effect you, schedule a configuration update call here.