11 Reasons Why Patient Engagement Fails

In this episode you’ll learn 11 reasons why patient engagement fails and the resulting problems that need to be solved.

Co-Founder & President at Nudge

Dan Hoemke, Chief Business Officer at BaseHealth and Healthcare Advisor to Nudge drops by to discuss why patient engagement efforts fail, including the silos between each of the solutions that contribute to patient engagement efforts (9:30),

our misplaced confidence in the completeness of technologies to solve problems (11:25),

the need to focus our limited resources on engaging the right people in our programs (12:50),

the tendency to focus on engagement before outreach (15:02),

limitations in the contact information we have on target members (16:38),

employing the wrong professional resources with the wrong skills to be effective at remote engagement (18:11),

the lack of communications strategies that enable 2-way communications and therefore set the stage for a relationship (20:05),

the problem with how health management teams are measuring success and tracking performance indicators (21:52),

the one-size-fits-all approach to patient engagement (23:34),

the fact that all health management efforts must involve behavioral and motivational science-based approaches (25:19),

the need for a committed, laser-focus on total patient engagement across the population as the desired outcome and end game (28:16),

and setting the stage for a deeper understanding of what a true patient engagement solution looks like (30:50).

Katie Carr

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