This Is What The Future of the Fitness Business Will Look Like

A true industry thought leader and futurist, Bryan O'Rourke could be the most interesting man in fitness...

Accomplished CEO, adviser, consultant, investor, technology early adopter, and overall brilliant guy Bryan O'Rourke joins us to talk about the future of the fitness business, and the role technology will play to create new and better business models including,

[8:00] the keys to the new user experience for gym members,

[18:30] new and innovative business models that will change the fitness game,

[21:00] A.I. in the future fitness business and how the personal trainer role will evolve,

[25:00] what new business models may be unlocked by new tech-enabled and A.I. supported fitness solutions in gyms,

[30:00] and who's lobbying on behalf of the fitness industry to ensure it isn't marginalized by regulatory pushes from pharma, the AMA and others. Click here to learn more about FIT-C.

Nuggets of Wisdom

"Human beings are the greatest app there is, so to the extent that you can leverage humans to unleash their expertise and empathy on people who need, I think that's great."

- Bryan O'Rourke

"I think that personal training fundamentally is going through a renaissance. And if we can get some realignment of public policy sentiment around how sick care operates, with primary prevention coming more to the forefront, coaches could have a much greater impact on health outcomes with these tools, and we would have economic incentive for making that happen. I think if that were the case then the industry would really be helped along."

- Bryan O'Rourke

"There's never been a better time to be in this industry given all of the resources that are out there, the depth of information, and the ability to do things. When you think about cloud computing, apps like the one you are developing, the cost of doing this stuff is so dramatically less expensive, and the potential is so great. It's an awesome time to be thinking about this because I think a lot of organizations and professionals can really make a big difference by looking to embrace these tools."

- Bryan O'Rourke


FIT-C (Fitness Industry Technology Council) - collaborative group of leading fitness professionals and organizations driving the fitness industry to grow and improve through mobile technology.

SoulCycle - innovative indoor cycling class franchise that's ridden a brilliant user experience to a highly profitable model. (see what I did there)

Use of A.I. in psychiatry - example referred to by Bryan in the episode about when A.I. might be preferable to human intervention.

Pixel Phone - high-end smartphone from Google (Mac loves his).

IHRSA ILC (Industry Leadership Council) - leadership group created to fund and forward IHRSA's advocacy efforts.

ACE - advocacy through ACE fitness.

EuropeActive - leading fitness advocacy in Europe.

Fitness Australia - leading fitness advocacy in Australia.

Nudge Coach - reinventing the member experience in fitness through mobile health.

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