This Is What Holds Most Personal Trainers Back

This week Phill Wright, the Managing Director of Primal Academy joins us all the way from Leeds, UK to tell us what's holding personal trainers back from the success they want and the key to delivering effective online training, including,

[5:00] the series of fortunate events that lead to Primal Academy's online continuing education courses for personal trainers,

[12:00] the realization that personal trainers need business training at least as much as they need technical training,

[14:00] how to think strategically about packaging content for monetization,

[20:00] tools that help them maintain a personal touch throughout their online learning experience,

[24:20] and what's the biggest thing holding personal trainers back from the success they hope for in business. Click here to learn more about Primal Academy.

Nuggets of Wisdom

"With what we do as fitness professionals, people buy from people. They might be buying fat loss, yes, they might be buying into the result, but ultimately they're buying into the person that's offering it."
- Phill Wright
"I think we give a significant portion away because - the your point [Phill] - trust is such a huge factor. It's the reason we do this podcast. It's just because at the end of the day, nobody wants to do business with sketchy people."
- Mac Gambill
"I just stick to what I know and be myself. And it was that for me, that was the real bedrock of being successful and building a really strong client base."
- Phill Wright

Tools and Shoutouts

Primal Academy - online training for personal trainers, including everything from specialization training and business training.

Primal Gym - not your average gym - personal training studio based in Leeds, UK.

LearnDash for Wordpress - Wordpress plugin, makes it easy to create and sell your online courses.

Nudge Academy - the future of personal training and wellness relationships in easy-to-digest, free video training courses.

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