Delta Life Fitness Clubs to Release New Mobile App Powered by Nudge

Nudge, providers of a leading mobile health tracking app and coaching platform for wellness and fitness professionals, announced today that it will launch a new custom-branded mobile app for female-focused fitness franchise Delta Life Fitness.

The “Slide Right” app, as it will be called, will be available for members of Delta Life’s 17 locations later this month. Delta Life’s gyms are located in Alabama, California, Florida, Texas, and Washington with plans on expanding down through the Gulf Coast and into California with multiple locations ready to open.

“I wanted 24/7 accountability for our Delta Life ladies, we know how to motivate them inside the gym but what happens the other 23 hours a day? True fitness goals simply cannot be achieved without thoughtful accountability,” said Josh Cherry, Delta Life Fitness CEO and Co-Founder. “And that is exactly what the new Slide Right app does. By linking up wearable tech and processing the data with zero effort required by the member, we can ensure that our ladies hit their goals in a way that has never been possible before in the fitness industry.”

Nudge has hundreds of wellness and fitness professionals using its Nudge Coach platform to empower their clients to stay on track in-between sessions, but the white label engagement solution for Delta Life Fitness marks the launch of a new model targeting multi-location fitness and wellness businesses that place high value on the relationships between their team and their members.

“Partnering with fast-growing, innovative businesses like Delta Life only accelerates our mission to use mobile technology to empower relationships between fitness and wellness professionals and their clients that lead to lasting lifestyle changes and better results,” said Phil Beene, Nudge President and Co-Founder. “We share a vision with Delta Life, and we’re passionate about supporting their growth atop the solid foundation of strong member relationships and continuous member empowerment.”

Custom app development is too costly for most fitness and wellness businesses to consider, and other solutions available today aren’t designed to empower and engage members. Nudge’s new white label solution not only offers business owners a lower-cost way to launch their own app, but also to leverage enormously popular wearables and connected devices to provide more valuable services, and better engage members beyond the walls of their facility.

The new mobile app, Slide Right by Delta Life Fitness will be available for download in October 2016 for iOS and Android.

About Nudge

Nudge empowers wellness and fitness professionals and their clients to achieve lifestyle change and get results together using mobile technology.

And now, Nudge also offers a white label member engagement solution for fitness and wellness businesses who understand that real engagement comes from pursuing real relationships with clients and members. 

The Nudge Coach platform allows wellness and fitness professionals to provide value to members in-between sessions by making it easy to monitor their lifestyle habits and provide meaningful feedback.

The custom-branded Nudge App empowers clients to stay accountable and take action to achieve the lifestyle changes necessary to reach any health and fitness goals. Learn more about Nudge’s new white label solution at

About Delta Life Fitness

Delta Life Fitness, a health club franchise that gives women a calorie-clobbering workout, focuses on empowering women to be the best versions of themselves.

Delta Life Fitness is designed to empower women for lifelong change. Women are the matriarchs of the family, the matriarchs of the world, so Delta Life built a fitness program specifically for them.

The franchise started out in Texas in 2009 as a workout-in-the-park program, then evolved into Delta Life Fitness when it became a concept only for women. Today, locations stretch from Florida to California.

The franchise's name is derived from the Greek letter "Delta," which means “change.” This is not a workout to get to a scale on Monday. It’s not working out when you’re young for a sports event on Saturdays. This is a life change and empowerment program in which fitness becomes the catalyst for a revolution.

A revolution lead by the women of our communities that give so much and take so little. This is Delta Life Fitness.