Introducing Our White Label Wellness and Coaching Platform

This post provides an overview of our white label coaching platform created to provide a custom solution to power your health and wellness programs.

Co-Founder & CEO at Nudge

What’s the first thing you think about when you see the Apple logo? What about Nike or McDonalds?

As you know, those companies have teams of people dedicated to making sure that their branding evokes a certain emotion during every encounter.

Ultimately you hope that the emotions felt are positive, but sometimes things go awry and companies scramble into “Damage Control” mode to make sure certain incidents or negative emotions don’t become synonymous with their brand.

This is all to say that your brand matters, and it’s been no surprise to see the amount of interest we’ve seen from our partners wanting us to provide a white label version of the Nudge platform to power their health and wellness programs.

While some of you may be saying, “it’s about damn time!” others may realize the implications that come with going this direction.

The term “white label” has been bastardized in the market and can have a wide variety of meanings, ranging from a well-crafted brand strategy to simply “slapping your logo on it”.

Anyone who’s seen some of our co-branded accounts or early white labels can attest to the fact that we are sticklers about a nice interface and simple user experience.

While the “slap a logo on it” approach sometimes gets the job done just keep in mind: you get what you pay for. And as such we knew it was critical to hold off until we felt ready to deploy, support and manage this type of solution.

After months of planning and hours spent with early partners we are excited to announce the launch of our White Label Plan allowing us to package the Nudge mobile apps and health management platform under your brand… yes, that means a dedicated app of your own in the App Store and Google Play.

With that said, I wanted to take the time to walk you through the new white label engagement and coaching offering, soup to nuts, you so can better understand the various ways it can help strengthen your business.


1.  A well-designed, powered-by-Nudge app in the App Store for your clients or members


Delta Life's "Slide Right" app, powered by Nudge

The Nudge app has been recognized by media outlets, such as Digital Trends and GeekWire, as being one of the best mobile health aggregators on the market and we are excited to make this available to your business.

"Nudge is beautiful and simple, but the best part is that it's also functional."

This new offering allows us to work with you to design and launch a custom-branded Nudge app, downloadable through a dedicated page in the app store.

Upon download your clients will experience something that is unique and battle-tested, and all under the brand they know, recognize, and trust.


2. Easily incorporate data from 100+ health tracking apps and devices


From the beginning, our mission has been to make it easier for professionals and businesses to leverage health tracking tools in order to simplify client management and boost your business.

Through the new white labeled app we will be equipping your business with the ability to leverage our integrations with marketing leading apps, like Fitbit and Jawbone, so that you can keep a finger on the pulse of your client or member population.

We’ve spent years making mobile health data easier to work with so you don’t have to.


3. Generate leads from app signups by driving prospects to a contact form or to a sales person

One of my favorite aspects of the new offering is that we have the ability to replace the standard coach-matching process within the Nudge app with something more appropriate to your business.

Here are a few of the ways in which our partners are planning to use their white labeled coaching app to engage their audience and generate new business.

Drive Leads to a Specific Landing Page

A multi-location, fitness franchise will be directing non-coached app signups to a webpage to find their closest location in order to get the prospect into the facility.

Connect for a Consult

A digital wellness business is planning to promote the white labeled app to web site visitors in order to get visitors into their funnel, pushing app signups towards scheduling a consult call with one of their inbound sales team.

Ultimately we are really excited about the possibilities this new offering can have in generating new business for our partners.


4. White labeled version of Nudge Coach for the pros in your network

Nudge Coach was designed to make it easier for you or your team to provide a premium coaching experience to your clients and quickly recognize when someone may need a little encouragement.

Through the white label offering you will be able to equip the coaches within your network with a branded coaching platform to streamline their client management process and work with more clients.

One thing worth considering is that this can be provided to coaches in several different ways, depending on structure of your organizations.

  • Provided to coaches at no-charge for use with clients.

  • Included as a part of technology or franchise fees

  • Resold to your network

Let us know if you have any questions about fitting Nudge within your model and we are happy to walk through some of the possibilities.

Schedule a call with our experienced team and let's discuss how we can help optimize your engagement and coaching program with a white labeled solution for your business.