5 Freedoms To Build Your Visionary Fitness Brand Around

Freedom And Vision

This week we talked to Vito La Fata, the no BS business and marketing educator to fitness and wellness professionals! He helped us break ground on the new Podquarters at Nudge HQ and doesn't pull any punches when he talks about how trainers need to rethink their fitness services to gain real success, including

[8:20] why learning how to sell is so important, and why having an anti-sales mindset is probably the reason why you're broke,

[11:15] how fitness professionals are under-valuing themselves and how to avoid letting themselves be commoditized,

[18:00] the one question he asks new trainers who come to him for help to show them that they're approaching their services all wrong,

[22:15] a simple model from creating an avatar, to building trust, to building relationships, that ends with high-ticket services,

[27:30] the tools Vito is using to run his empire,

[32:20] and the 5 freedoms that Vito needs to live a happy, successful, satisfying life - time freedom, financial freedom, location freedom, people freedom, purpose freedom. Learn more about our guest, Vito La Fata.

Nuggets of Wisdom

"Today, if you're not selling you're being sold. Period. So you've just gotta decide; do you always want to have someone else in control of your destiny?"
- Vito La Fata
"If a $2.99 app can replace your service, then you probably aren't offering a very good service."
- Mac Gambill quoting Dr. Joe Ferrantelli from Scale Well Episode 4
"If you're only relying on assets that other people own, that's a very dangerous way to build your business, especially in the fitness business."
- Vito La Fata
"3 things that I've seen that will just never let you down. Go study the people that are doing it. Role model how they're doing it. And then go do it. Because there's a lot of talkers out there. There's not enough doers out there."
-Vito La Fata


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