Top 5 Nudge Coach Posts To Help You Grow Your Coaching Business

Sometimes you just have to give the people more of what they want. It may sound silly, but it's actually a pretty powerful maxim for building a successful business.

With that in mind, here are the five most popular blog posts we've ever written, organized into one handy collection so you can go through them in one place.

No matter where you start, these posts are full of valuable insights that can help grow any coaching business ...

1. How Much Should You Charge As a Health Coach?

It's a simple question, but finding the right way to price your services to optimize your revenue is one of the biggest challenge any business faces. We walk you through the art of identifying that price-point here.

2. Guide To Building a Digital Coaching Business

Sometimes you just need a list of actionable items from a source you can trust to help you get started building your business. This post gives you the action items that will make sure you are generating leads, and converting clients in an increasingly digital world.

3. Evidence For the Massive Potential of Health Coaching

Health coaching is our passion, but it turns out it's also a rapidly growing industry on the verge of a major boom in terms of both the growing number of practitioners, and the growing influence of health coaching on healthcare systems worldwide. Use these insights to give you confidence as you pursue your passion in this growth industry, and to show potential clients that working a health coach might just be the next big thing.

4. How To Become A Health Coaching Influencer, Part 1

It may not sound like it's for everyone, but following the advise in this post to increase your influence online is a no brainer if you want to grow your business. Numbers don't lie, and growing your influence online will always mean more site traffic, more leads, more conversations, and more clients.

5. How To Become A Health Coaching Influencer, Part 2

That's right, it's such an important topic that we had to break it up into two posts! Don't stop after Part 1, because there's more to consider and more advise to help you execute on growing your online reach to grow your business.

What other sites and specific articles have helped you with your coaching business?