Talking Member Engagement In Medicare Advantage Populations

Phil and guest Dan Hoemke talk through the revenue and quality of care implications of effective patient engagement in Medicare Advantage populations.

Co-Founder & President at Nudge

For episode 7 of The Nudgecast I invited Dan Hoemke, advisor to Nudge and Chief Business Officer of leading predictive analytics company Base Health, back in to dive into the impact effective member engagement can have on both quality of care and increasing revenue from CMS for organizations managing a Medicare Advantage population.

Dan and I discuss...

  • The basics of managing a Medicare Advantage population, including:
    • how (Risk Adjustment Factor) RAF Scores are calculated,
    • how CMS adjusts RAF Scores, and
    • how that affects monthly revenue risk-bearing entities receive for managing care.
  • The role and value of effective member engagement within Medicare Advantage plans.  
  • How effective member engagement improves quality of care.
  • How engaging members effectively can increase speed of new diagnoses, and how quickly patients get enrolled into targeted care management programs.
  • And how an effective and efficient patient engagement strategy increases revenue for organizations managing Medicare Advantage populations.

Read more in this article from Dan on the power of effective engagement in Medicare Advantage population health management.

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