Press Release: Nudge Android App Gets a Makeover

Health and fitness app launches fully redesigned features making users' health and fitness data more clear and meaningful

from PRWeb - Jan 20, 2015 ]

Leading health and fitness app, Nudge, today announced a major update for the Android community that aims to provide the perfect compliment to a growing market of fitness tracking apps, wearables, and other connected devices.

Through a series of new features including; visual feedback, calendar views, enhanced profiles and editing capabilities, Nudge’s makeover brings the wearable and healthcare industries a step closer, making lifestyle data easy-to-read and digestible for all parties involved, from consumers to health professionals.

The Android update is filled with new and fully redesigned features, all geared towards making every user's health and fitness data more clear and meaningful than ever before. With the new visual feedback feature, consumers are able to see how their healthy lifestyle measures up against the average Nudge user, or others of similar age and gender.

This allows consumers to have a better understanding of where they rank health-wise with the overall world population.

“We’re extremely excited about Nudge’s major renovation, which creates a simple and precise format allowing both professionals and consumers to quickly get insights from their data and make it actionable,” said Nudge co-founders, Mac Gambill and Phil Beene. “By streamlining information in a way that multiple players can understand and implement, Nudge is driving an ecosystem that is further connecting the wearables, health and tech markets.”

In addition to new capabilities that enable users to have a tailored view of their lifestyle habits and what needs improvement, Nudge is also adding graphs that breakdown a number of different aspects of wellness including; hours of sleep, water drank, activity levels and monthly habits show users their progress over time.

Finally, Nudge is expanding its health-tech ecosystem by incorporating wearables from Withings and Garmin. The Withings and Garmin wearables will be added to the list of wearables that Nudge already syncs with including; Fitbit, Strava, Moves and Up by Jawbone.

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