How To Let Your Strengths Drive Coaching Success

Do you want to be a more effective health coach AND enjoy every minute of it?

I believe it is within our human nature to constantly assess ourselves…

  • Am I doing a good job?
  • Where am I falling short?
  • How can I be more effective?

And just as inevitably as we ask these questions, we also come up with things we need to improve, or new skills we need to develop.

This is no different for us as health coaches. Whether just starting out, or having been at this for years, if you are like me, you are always striving to improve.

When we have this inner-dialogue of self-assessing, we usually end up identifying our weaknesses…

  • I need to be more organized. 
  • I’m not spending enough time on marketing. 
  • I should think more creatively about my client interactions.

This approach leads us down a path where we end up exerting exorbitant amounts of energy on addressing these weaknesses.  

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What if we turned this around and instead focused our energy on our inherent strengths? Because our talents seem to come naturally to us, we usually don’t spend a lot of time focusing on them. This is a missed opportunity. When our client interactions are designed around our core strengths and passions, we are more effective. When we are in our ‘sweet spot’ it shows!

Is your business model capitalizing on your strengths? Does your coaching model allow you to be all that makes you uniquely you?

To assess yourself in this light, ask yourself 3 simple questions:

1.    What are my greatest talents and strengths?

Think back over the course of your lifetime… what do your friends most admire about you? On which of your strengths do your friends most often rely? Which of your unique characteristics have been lauded by friends and family over the years? When you reflect on how others perceive you, there are usually 2-3 strengths that bubble to the top.

2.    What aspect of health coaching MOST excites me?  

Clearly you have chosen this profession, and you want to make sure your practice is designed in a way that allows you to live out your passion. We all know we are more effective when we are doing what we LOVE. A good way to clearly identify your passion is to think about a client relationship that was especially enjoyable for you. Looking back on those client interactions, they don’t even feel like work. What made it so enjoyable?  What was the most rewarding aspect of those interactions?

And now - here is where your improvement plan comes in ...

3.    How am I putting my strengths and passions to work in my current client interactions?

Do your client interactions showcase your strengths? How often do you get to put your core talents to work? Do you have a program that monetizes these strengths? For example, if you are an excellent teacher, are you creating enough opportunities for you to teach others?  

Is your practice set up in a way that allows you to work out of your passionate place? Is your passion helping clients reduce stress? Maybe you love it when you empower a client to begin cooking delicious meals at home? Does your current practice make room for you to lead clients in these directions? Are your marketing efforts designed to attract the right clients?

When I ask myself these questions, I come up with new ideas on how I can improve my practice… Sometimes I target a new demographic. I may create a new group coaching model. Develop a new program… the options are endless.

Periodically asking yourself these questions will ensure you design your client interactions in a way that works to your advantage. Not only do we feel more fulfilled when we work in a way that leverages our strengths and employs our passions – but our clients reap the benefits and see more results!

Post by Kelly Lindamood

Kelly is a featured Nudge Partner Coach in the Nudge app and owner of her own successful coaching business in Richmond, Virginia ...