How to grow a coaching business with free content

Content strategy is my job, but when I'm looking for tactics that work for small wellness businesses, Kathleen Legrys is my go-to...

Kathleen LeGrys, the creator of Health Coach Solutions and co-host of The Wellness Business Podcast podcast talks about how to use free content in attracting, growing, and engaging your audience.

Creating free content to attract your target audience to your website is part of a marketing strategy called inbound marketing. If you want to dive deeper and learn more about inbound marketing, we recommend joining this community at

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[2:10] An overview of Kathleen's beginnings as a health coach and the many lessons she learned about how to start a coaching business -

[5:38] Why should someone put in the time and effort to create content? Why isn't giving away content for free undervaluing your time and expertise? -

[8:05] How free content helps you and your business get discovered -

[11:40] An example of how to create and market a blog post with a lead magnet as free content to attract visitors -

[12:40] The initial awareness stage, evaluation stage and purchase stage of the marketing funnel and why successful marketers excel in the middle (evaluation) stage -

[17:00] Are podcasts and blogging necessary when someone first gets started? What are the best mediums for those just getting started marketing their coaching business or other health and wellness business? -

[22:07] One of Kathleen's favorite strategies, reaching out to colleagues for an expert panel post -

[23:55] More free content best practices and tips of the trade from Kathleen -

[28:17] How to focus on writing for your target audience, and their specific interests.


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Learn the Health Coach's Secrets to Success from Kathleen's site, Health Coach Solutions.

Listen to The Wellness Business Podcast that Kathleen co-hosts.

Nuggets of Wisdom

"Your free content tells them the what and the why, but your paid content shows them the how." - Kathleen

"You want to have a plan for how you're going to use your free content ideally to grow your email list, that's huge, you want to build trust and eventually turn subscribers into paying clients." - Kathleen

"I think you have to do what you like the most, what excites you the most. Because if you don't love it, you're going to procrastinate, you won't be consistent and the consistency factor is huge." - Kathleen

"I think it is important to know what you audience wants so that your content is going to resonate with them. And really the best way to find out is to ask them." - Kathleen

"I do recommend when you think of a topic or you see something, write it down, put it in your notes app or Evernote because I guarantee in about 30 minutes you're going to forget what that great idea was unless you write it down." - Kathleen