A Quest To Improve Lifestyle Programs In Direct Care Practices

Last week, Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk - Chief Science Officer at Nudge - packed up his bags (and more than a few health tracking wearables) to hit the road for the American Academy of Private Physicians Conference in Miami, Florida with one goal in mind.

He wants to help every private practice understand the value of implementing a lifestyle health program that leverages today's technologies, from free mobile apps, to high-end wearable monitors. Luckily, Dr. Steve had a platform, an expert panel moderated by n1Health Co-founder and AAPP Chief Strategy Officer, Tom Blue.

Their topic: How Technology Can Improve Patient Care. Here's Dr. Steve on his topic and goals from his hotel room before the conference began.

As a co-owner of a concierge medical practice, the Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Steve was excited to mingle with a crowd of people who experience similar needs and challenges on a day-to-day basis.

This was the perfect place to ask questions and get to the root of the questions and uncertainties private physicians felt about creating and implementing lifestyle programs to keep their populations healthy and engaged.

Here's how he was feeling about the Nudge Coach solution, and using the Nudge app with patients after the early sessions.

After networking with, and learning from the fantastic health professionals in attendence, Dr. Steve was incredibly excited for the opportunity to get on stage and share his thoughts and insights with the audience as a whole.

The other experts joining him on the panel for this topic included Jim Nation of Verizon Wireless, Dr. Milton Chen, Ph.D. of VSee, Zak Holdsworth of Hint Health, and Dr. Molly Maloof, MD, thought leader and consultant to health technology companies.

This proved to be a wonderfully insightful group of experts in their field, and wrapping up his adventures from the AAPP Conference, here are Dr. Steve's overall impressions after the panel.

And that's our recap of Dr. Steve's adventures at the AAPP Conference in Miami.

Since Dr. Steve returned we've heard from several individual attendees and practices about how much they enjoyed his perspective on how today's best and most popular consumer health tracking technology can be incorporated into direct care and concierge medical practices to create more touch points and better feedback to patients, meaning a better overall care experience, and reduced patient churn.

We've even started helping some get started with Nudge Coach!