This document contains 18 personalized and contextualized coaching messages (i.e. "nudges") that Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk sent to his actual patients during an internal validation experiment.

These messages have not been altered except for any names in order to protect the identity of Dr. Steve's patients. All messages were sent using the Nudge Coach platform and received by patients via the Nudge mobile app.

The following are notes Dr. Steve provided outlining the details and conditions of his internal validation study.



In an effort to see how long it would take to "touch" each Client/Patient I conducted an evaluation by sending "nudges" to 85 of my patients.



The clients/patients have been in my program for greater than 3 months and I have remained engaged with them via Nudge coaching client management software, Zoom Video, face-to-face sessions, etc.



1.  Open the client/patient main page (in coaching software).

2.  Scan client/patient summary data tiles (activity, hydration, nutrition, sleep, indulgences, custom trackers, weight, etc.).

3.  Scan client/patient personal notes and info if I needed to refresh my mind.

4.  Send a Nudge.



Nudges: 85 sent

Duration: Start 6:30am - Finish 10:10am with 3 Breaks totaling 15 minutes

Total Time: 220 minutes (3 hours and 40 minutes) - 15 minutes (breaks) = 205 min total

Average Time Per Nudge: 2 minutes and 25 seconds


18 Nudge Examples

How Dr. Steve Uses Asynchronous Communication To Add Personalized Value To The Patient/Client Experience


Nudge #1

*Dan, your heart healthy activity minutes are in range despite the other health issues you are dealing with. This shows your true commitment to this as a part of your wellness lifestyle. How is your hydration?  Would you consider tapping in your servings to help me help you?


Nudge #2

Anne, I can see it! You have progressively increased your steps yet not gone off the chart with intensity. When you feel that "NEED FOR SPEED" think deeper into your heart health! How does your strength feel?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #3

Charles, your consistency is rock solid. your commitment to lifestyle is true. I remain concerned about your sleep BUT see that during the past 6 days most were in the healthy zone. What did you do different?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #4

William, you are not syncing up and I can't see your info on Nudge. All ok?  Steve


Nudge #5

Hello Gary, Your activity remains heart healthy, curious on how you feel with your knee issues.  Dr. Steve


Nudge #6

Hello Ellen, I wanted to send you a personal note. You are amazing with your activity! Your heart healthy minutes are nearly averaging 60 min per day. AND these past 2 weeks your hydration is exceptional. Keep that trend and you will be able to travel to Ohio for the wedding!  Well done…  Dr. Steve


Nudge #7

Danielle, I wanted to affirm your activity is consistently in the heart healthy range. Your minutes of moderate to high activity fits! How does your strength feel?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #8

Hello Robert, This past week your cardio minutes were below the heart healthy zone. Remember, Once you accumulate 30 or more moderate level activity your risk for Heart Attack & Stroke, etc, drop!  Dr. Steve


Nudge #9

Karen. I see your activity has been consistent for 3 months. Keep that up Karen! I want to monitor nutrition better so would you consider tapping in your protein intake?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #10

Sarah, your cardio tailed off early last week. All well with you?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #11

Hello Thomas, I noticed the average sleep in the past few days has not been as consistent. Give me an update if you have a moment. Is your new position impacting your personal time?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #12

Patricia, You have made your health and wellness a true priority. You’re consistent with your fitness class and yoga.  Any upcoming barriers you anticipate?  Steve


Nudge #13

Don, when I see your info it looks great. Didn't sync 3 days last week. Is all well with you? How is the angina on the treadmill?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #14

Amanda, your activity is at goal. Keep that up. I did notice your sleep the past 3 nights has not been your usual. Not serious, but don't start a trend!  Steve


Nudge #15

Jim, you have certainly had a wonderful 2 weeks of activity despite recently having the flu. Can you give me some info on the intensity on the bike? How is your breathing rate?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #16

Hi Sam, I get it!  Family, 2 businesses and being an elected official.  I understand 100% how difficult it is to fit in your physical activity. Just a few minutes, literally 15 minutes, can make a difference over time. You mentioned playing sports with kids, how can I help you make this happen?  Dr. Steve


Nudge #17

Hello Dylan, I don't see you synced up. How can I help you? Once I receive consistent info on you I can best guide you.  Dr. Steve


Nudge #18

Hey Rachel, I see an awesome activity day on the 17th. 1 hour heart healthy activity is a record for you. How is the hydration? Would you be interested in tapping in hydration so I can give you feedback?  Dr. Steve


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