Lesson 1.8: The Best Data & Information

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Welcome to Nudge University! This is Lesson 1.8 - The Best Data and Information.

I'm Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, and I'm the Director of Lifestyle Medicine and a Health Coach at the Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center.

I'm also the Chief Science Officer for Nudge, and a nationally recognized expert in Lifestyle MedicineBehavior Change, and Health Coaching.

The question is, what is the best information? The best data that we should be getting from those that we work with?

What information do the patients or clients want to share? And we have to look at that because this is who we're gaining this map from.

  • so it has to simple and non-disruptive to the client
  • it has to take very little time on behalf of the client - it can't become something that becomes a thorn in your side, trying to get you this information
  • and and they have to see this information they are gathering and presenting to you, either passively or actively - which we will get to in a later discussion, they have to see this information as helping them

That is the bottom line. We want to help our clients and patients succeed.

When it comes to us, the health coach or health professional, what information do we want?

  • Well, it's very important that this information is complete

Getting incomplete information is terrible, and this has happened to me many times and I'm sure it's happened to you.Where you only get partial information from a patient or client and you're trying to piece it together, or you're asking them questions and they're saying how wonderful everything is, but you start drilling it down and a whole Pandora's Box opens up. And it's very difficult to lead them.

  • This information has to be accurate.

It has to be information that reflects the facts with valid data.

  • And it has to be actionable.

It has to be something that we can take action with. Information that we can actually use and transfer into our advice into something that our clients and patients understand, and more importantly that will help them make a decision that they incorporate into their actions.

So what is the best information? Well, the answer really is, the most complete information that you can get. That is the best information.

Consider this: Information assists your guidance of patients and clients over time. Therefore, you want that information to continue to flow, so for it to continue to flow it has to be a simple process for you to help guide your clients.

The complexity has to be low. If the complexity is high, then we know compliance will be low. And therefore, the accuracy and completeness of the information is gone.

As well as that change that you are asking for, the change in collecting that data, that change in the amount your asking from them has to be low in comparison to the benefit that they are going to get.

So the trends focus is the way to go when it comes to this.

So as a review, the low to moderate data, requires little time on the part of the client, and leads to higher compliance.

So when we look at The Big Four, we're trying to look at large ways of getting this complete data. Simply. And as complete as we can.

So what are the techniques that we can use to get those? And that is what we will talk about in the next session.

So clients want information sharing that is going to be helpful to them, that is not disruptive, that is simple for them to collect and takes little time.

Health coaches and health professionals like us want to gather information that is complete, accurate and actionable.

And we want the best information from those clients, and the best information we can get from them that is simple and easy for them, so that we do get that complete information from them.

And we want to focus on the areas in The Big Four. The physical activity, the nutrition, the sleep, the hydration.

If we can get complete data in those areas, on a stepped approach, in a simple fashion, then we will be much more successful and our clients will be much more successful.

And Nudge Coach and the Nudge App, which you will learn about in the next sessions will help you do this.

So thank you for joining for Nudge University 1.8 - The Best Data and Information. I'm Dr. Steve, good luck.

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