Lesson 1.5: How Technology Helps You

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Welcome to Nudge University! This is Lesson 1.5 - How Technology Helps You.

I'm Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, and I'm the Director of Lifestyle Medicine and a Health Coach at the Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center.

I'm also the Chief Science Officer for Nudge, and a nationally recognized expert in Lifestyle MedicineBehavior Change, and Health Coaching.

I'm here to talk about the power of technology. I'm going to help you easily and effectively incorporate this technology.

Some of you may have already dabbled in it, and some of you may have already used some health technology and platforms, but I'm here to help you refine that and make it even more powerful.

So what we do here is we help you leverage your expertise, we help you integrate technology into your coaching methodology. We'll help save you time, and maximize your potential for financial gain, because we need to be paid for this great service we provide.

Now when it comes to the client/technology relationship the key to success is YOU, the health/fitness professional.

You see, we are that link between the utilization of technology and the client, and we help them interpret this information. And I can't tell you how many times I have clients and patients tell me that, "oh, I've got this wearable device, but I don't know what to do with the information."

That is where our value comes in.

So Nudge will empower you, it will make you even better at what you do. But what's required is the right hub, the right place to gather this information. That hub needs to be...

  • easy-to-use
  • powerful
  • patient or client-centered
  • an efficient management tool.
  • integrate a number of different technologies
  • provide the KEY data - it doesn't have to provide all the data, just usable data, data you can help others with
  • help you work better with your clients or patients

That's why Nudge Coach is what I'm recommending, a lifestyle Client Relationship Management (CRM) Tool - a way to help you maximize information that can be provided accurately from your clients and your patients to you, and that you can easily use.

So how will this impact you?

  • you'll become more efficient with your communication
  • have better collaboration with clients and patients - this is important for your success and the success of the clients you work with
  • it'll enhance your ability to guide and care for your clients

That's what its all about, a simple, powerful way to success. Nudge Coach is going to help you do this.

It is at the center of this triad. The health coach, the wearable or digital health technology, and the client.

Nudge Coach bridges that gap and allows you to leverage your abilities.

So in summary...

  • technology is a powerful tool
  • we want to leverage your expertise and save you time
  • maximize your potential
  • create a more powerful link between apps or wearables and your client
  • finding the right hub helps you gather information and communicate
  • Nudge Coach is one of those such hubs
  • you can more efficiently communicate, better collaborate, and provide enhanced guidance or your clients
  • it's simple, it's powerful, I cannot express how much this has impacted the work I have with the hundreds of patients and clients I work with, and I know that you'll find the same benefit

So that you so much for joining for Nudge University 1.5 - How Technology Help You. This is Dr. Steve, good luck.

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