Lesson 1.2: Current Use of Technology

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Welcome to Nudge University! This is Lesson 1.2 - Current Use of Technology.

I'm Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, and I'm the Director of Lifestyle Medicine and a Health Coach at the Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center.

I'm also the Chief Science Officer for Nudge, and a nationally recognized expert in Lifestyle MedicineBehavior Change, and Health Coaching.

Technology is a powerful tool. It can be a powerful tool in our hands to help us optimize our approach to health, fitness and prevention.

Because our clients and patients are very familiar with wearable technology. Nearly 80% of the people we work with are familiar with activity monitors, and over 80% are familiar with smartwatches.

But what's even more exciting is that wearables and apps make people feel more engaged, engaged with their health.

And for us as professionals, this is where we fit in.

Also, millions and millions of wearables are being sold worldwide, and they will continue to be sold at a rapid rate, so we have to keep up with this.

So the time is now.

  • 84% of consumers believe health technology can boost health management.
  • 58% of smartphone owners have downloaded at least one fitness app.
  • A significant amount of health professionals, 88% of them, want patients to monitor themselves.
  • And 81% of clients and patients said they would buy a wearable if it was recommended to them by a health professional.

Those are wonderful statistics that support what we do, and the integration of health technology.

Now the American College of Sports Medicine [ACSM] has a national survey every year on fitness trends, and the most recent one said that fitness professionals say that the number 1 trend is wearable technology.

So you're probably engaged with some of this wearable technology, but what we're trying to do with you with Nudge University is help you optimize the way that you use that technology for each individual client or patient, and your business.

So don't be left behind.

In summary... 

  • consumers are familiar with wearable technology.
  • wearables and apps make people feel more engaged
  • wearables sales have, and will continue to skyrocket
  • your clients or patients believe that health technology can boost health management
  • 58% of smartphone owners have downloaded at least one health app
  • 88% of health pros want clients and patients to monitor themselves
  • 81% of consumers would buy a wearable devices if it's recommended by a health professional

Thank you for listening [reading] and learning this lesson on current use of technology. I'm Dr. Steve, good luck.

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