Lesson 1.1: The Big Picture

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Welcome to Nudge University! This is NU 1.1 - The Big Picture.

I'm Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, and I'm the Director of Lifestyle Medicine and a Health Coach at the Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center.

I'm also the Chief Science Officer for Nudge, and a nationally recognized expert in Lifestyle Medicine, Behavior Change, and Health Coaching.

Now, the health and fitness profession is awesome, and as professionals we are positioned in an exciting, rewarding, and potentially very profitable mission.

And if we set ourselves up right we can do we can do this, but there is a problem.

As professionals and organizations, we are not as well-equipped as we could be to manage and engage the clients and patients of the 21st Century.

They are different than they were in the past, and technology is playing a big part in this.

Looking at the issues involving these patients and clients: 

  • obtaining reliable information is very important
  • being able to increase our volume, of working with more people 
  • effectively managing health technology and smartphone information they are using
  • and efficiently communicating with the clients and patients of today

Now we're in a very competitive environment as well, so we have to modify how we do our business - not the core of it - but we need to use other sources, and other tools to help leverage our abilities.

The old way was gaining information through logs, through very inefficient and fragmented systems, and interacting with patients and clients was time-consuming, and often even non-existent.

The old way was very reactive instead of proactive. It was more delayed feedback versus giving them actionable feedback before its too late. So unfortunately this leads to suboptimal results with not only our patients and clients, but also our business as well.

Technology is a powerful tool that can help. It can help you optimize your approach to health, fitness and prevention.

It can augment, it can support what you already do.

So the big picture is that health and fitness pros are in a great position for success. Unfortunately, we aren't as well equipped as we need to be.

And our issues of obtaining reliable information from clients and patients, and increasing our volume and revenue, those are serious issues.

So we must leverage tools that are available in this competitive market, and one big tool that we can all leverage is technology - its the right technology, that's what we need.

So thanks for listening [or reading], this is Dr. Steve, and good luck!

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