Nudge Coach Reviews


Josh Cherry

Founder & CEO
Delta Life Fitness Clubs

"I wanted 24/7 accountability for our Delta Life ladies, we know how to motivate them inside the gym but what happens the other 23 hours a day?

True fitness goals simply cannot be achieved without thoughtful accountability, and that is exactly what the new Slide Right app does.

By linking up with all different types of wearable tech and then allowing us to process that information with zero effort required by the member, we can ensure that ladies hit their goals in a way that has NEVER been possible before in the fitness industry."


Dr. Victor Peña-Araujo

ELITE Personalized Health

"For over 2 years I searched for an app just like Nudge Coach. So much so that I was in talks with a developer!  Fortunately, you beat me to it and you've done a fantastic job!

Nudge Coach has streamlined the vital process collecting lifestyle data from my clients, making my entire business model much more time and labor efficient. Nudge Coach allows me to spend my sessions coaching instead of reviewing spreadsheets, logs, receiving and opening attachments. This brings more value to my clients and gives me greater job satisfaction!

A central part of my vision is to provide personalized health coaching to my clients in a way that is practical, convenient, and unobtrusive.  Nudge Coach, with its broad syncing capability and user-friendly app, makes this possible. I love the fact that Nudge is a small and dynamic team of creative and responsive people who listen to us the users and are constantly improving and adapting an already excellent product!"


Chase Chewning

Host of Ever Forward Radio
Founder of EF Coach

“Perhaps the area of most concern for my clients is the in-between time, the days or weeks between our in-person sessions.

We discuss how we can work on creating and reaching health and wellness goals around their lifestyle, but I do not always have the luxury of knowing everything they are doing in the interim.

This is where Nudge excels in providing me the missing link of data and accountability. The ease and user-friendliness of the Nudge Health Tracking app is incredible, my clients are able to set it up in just a couple of minutes. They really love knowing that they have their coach “in their back pocket” and that I am aware of their daily habits.

The Nudge Coach platform gives me all of the data I need and want to monitor my clients’ to help them on their path to success. I also have several digital-only clients and their process is a seamless as those that I work with in-person. Nudge has been an incredible asset to my health coaching practice and a great aid to my clients.”


Tamara Jackson

Author, Speaker and Success Coach
Coach Tam Fitness

"The Nudge Health Tracking app is an instant hit with my clients!

I've tried my share of tracking apps and have always seemed to run into the same problem - the apps were so cumbersome that clients quickly stopped using them! Not so with Nudge. Nudge helps me get my clients better results, faster because it teaches them to focus on "the main things" without getting lost in the details.

I also love that the app runs on autopilot and literally nudges my clients to adopt healthy habits without me even having to log on! Nudge has made my job so much easier and enabled me to serve more clients in less time --- music to any busy business owner's ears. Thank you Nudge Team!"