Meet David

David is a Physical Therapist in a growing practice.

David works hard to foster relationships with his patients through the great care he provides every patient he sees.

He applies his expertise with care to get the functional outcomes his patients will appreciate every day for the rest of their lives.

Then each patient's prescribed rehab ends and they are discharged. And that relationship David worked so hard to build goes right out the door.

But what more could David be doing? After all that's just how the system works, right?

mhealth for physical therapy

Meet Lucille

Lucille was a happy patient of David's.

mhealth for physical therapists

Lucille was prescribed rehab after her torn rotator cuff, and David worked with her until she was strong and virtually pain free.

Then Lucille was discharged and as her life began to speed up around her, home-exercise sessions became fewer and farther between.

12 weeks later Lucille began to notice her strength had decreased considerably, and familiar old pains were starting to return.

Lucille went back to her family doctor and was prescribed pain medication. After all, that's what patients do when something's wrong, isn't it?



Patients Want More

The Nudge Platform makes it easier to provide it.

What if Lucille had been connected with David using a simple mobile health app on the first day she showed up at the clinic? What if this simple app helped David track her at-home compliance throughout the rehab period? And what if on the day she was discharged, the front desk asked Lucille this simple question before she walked out the door:  

"Lucille you've made such great progress, and we'd love to keep in touch. Can we keep you on with David via the app as a Mobile Member for just $50/month? This way David can keep you on track, and if you ever have questions or issues he is just a quick message away. How does that sound?"
mhealth for pt's

Let's Do The Math

Because mobile health just moved the needle.

mHealth for health practitioners

Just this month, David's practice has discharged 100 patients. 10% of those patients decided to stay on as Mobile Members when asked. That's 10 new direct-pay members at $50 per month each - or $500 per month in new *recurring* cash-based revenue.

After 6-months David's practice has around 50 Mobile Members, each paying $50 per month out-of-pocket. That's $2,500 per month in new revenue each month. Nudge costs David's practice $250/mo.

And best of all, David is able to provide a valuable touchpoint to every single Mobile Member in one hour per week using Nudge. That's a healthy return on investment.