Imagine Having All Your Liberty Direct Member Data And Communication In One Place

showing you who to reach out to and when ...

That's Nudge Coach.


Trusted By Practices


"Every new touch point initiated through Nudge Coach strengthens the relationship between our patients and our practice."

- Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, The Optimal Heart Center



Your Liberty Direct Members in One Place

Our system removes the headache from member management. All your members onboarded and in a single place for communication and data to flow.

Your messages go straight to a simple, secure app right on your member's smart phone (and it's free for your members on iOS + Android).

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Managing Progress is a Breeze

The Nudge app integrates with over 80 apps and wearables to help you leverage virtually any fitness tracking or journaling tool that's available to your members.

They can even manually track items recommended by you creating a tailored approach for each individual patient.

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Never Miss a Required Touchpoint

Nudge Coach can help you stay on top of who to reach out to and when, making sure no one slips through the cracks.

Whether it's forgetting to send a weekly message or identifying when a particular member is drinking too much caffeine, Nudge Coach will help you see who needs your attention most.

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More ongoing Touchpoints means more value for your patients.