The Mentored Launch Package!

This amazing package gets you multiple deep-dive business strategy sessions, and the only coaching platform smart enough to deliver effective, engaging coaching programs remotely.


The Expert Guidance + The Right Technology
to create and support a powerful lifestyle or coaching program.

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Program Overview

- Intensive Business Coaching And Program Implementation With Endless Support -

Meet Your Mentors

- Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk and Matt Essex -


Dr Steve

Chief Science Officer and head coach to the Nudge team.

Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk is a Lifestyle Medicine and behavior change expert with 20+ years experience developing impactful lifestyle programs. He also owns a thriving concierge cardiology practice where he runs the lifestyle program today.



Strategic Advisor and lead mentor to the Nudge Founders.

Matt Essex is a serial wellness and fitness entrepreneur with unique skills and experience developing and launching new programs and business models. He also currently runs a strength therapy business helping patients thrive as they advance in age.

coaching business program goals
program coaching business goals

Goals for your intensive business strategy sessions with Matt and Dr. Steve:

  1. Review the state of your business/practice, your program plans and goals.

  2. Develop a streamlined workflow for delivering the right offering to your clientele.

  3. Learn a Nudge-specific methodology for remote coaching for engagement and behavior change.

  4. Work with you to develop a succinct launch plan for rolling out your program.

  5. Leave with a finalized plan and key video training modules for ongoing review.

Mobile App Branding + Design

- Russ Campbell and Phil Beene -



User Interface / User Experience Director and head of design at Nudge.


Co-Founder / President and head of marketing at Nudge. 

custom-branded app design goals
white label app design goals

Goals for your app branding and design consulting sessions with Russ and Phil

  1. Assess your unique branding and design goals.

  2. Set a clear timeline for development of your custom-branded app.

  3. Provide key brand assets to establish brand identity for the design process.

  4. Review and gather your input on initial design mock-ups and suggestions.

  5. Submit for your approval final app designs that are ready for development.

Platform Training + Implementation

- With Katie Carr, Your Account Exec -

primary coaching program goals
goals for health program implementation

Goals for your team training and implementation consult.

  1. Gain access to your admin and coaching accounts and review key functionality of each.

  2. Review key account features for streamlining communication and best practices.

  3. Review key client/patient mobile app functionality and common questions.

  4. Review custom data export capabilities and other advanced features.


You Get Expert Guidance + The Right Technology
to launch a coaching program that will give you more freedom and grow your business.

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