Understand The Nudge Score

The Nudge Score is designed to be a baseline metric for your overall healthy lifestyle - much like a credit score is a baseline score for your ability to pay back a loan.

Nudge Score is a Lifestyle Score


The Nudge Score is a reflection of the total of all of the healthy habits a user has entered into the Nudge App over the prior 30-days. Both synced data from other apps, and data manually input on the Log are included.


How is it useful to me as a Nudge user?

Having my Nudge Score as a baseline value means that each day when I open Nudge, I can see at a glance whether or not my daily health habits are improving over time.

the nudge score indexes activity, sleep, food and water logging

The four quadrant layout of the Nudge Score Graphic also allow me to dive deeper if I want to in order to find specific areas of my lifestyle that might need improvement.


How is it useful to me as a health professional?

Having a single score - the same objective baseline - for every client helps me organize my client list to see at a glance who is most engaged in healthy activities over the last 30-days, and who might need my attention most. 

The score looks at a 30-day window because research suggests that it takes around 30 consecutive days of repeating new behaviors consistently in order to form a new habit. 

the nudge score is a 30-days snapshot of health

This allows me to spend my time diving deeper into the right data in order to provide the specific feedback my clients need to reach their goals.



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