Set Up Time-Saving Alerts In Nudge Coach

The Goal of Alerts

To help you never miss another opportunity for a timely touchpoint with one of your clients.


What is a Touchpoint

' touch - point '  (n.)

Any direct interaction with an individual client in reference to a specific action, goal or outcome.


What are Alerts?

Think of Alerts as the first items on your coaching To-Do List. Every time you log into Nudge Coach, Alerts will show you who you should get in touch with next, and why they might need to hear from you.


Your clients pop-up when they meet the conditions set for your Alerts, helping you avoid any missed opportunities to provide valuable input to your clients.


Alerts Sorted by Duration

Clients at the top of your Alerts need your attention the most. The duration shows how long your client has met the conditions of the Alert.


In the example to the right, Mac Gambill has had a Nudge Score below 70 for a duration of 12 days.


How To Respond To Alerts

There are multiple ways to take action from the Alerts panel. You can respond from the list by clicking on one of the action buttons shown above. Respond to all clients on the Alert, or just one at a time.


If you want to take a closer look at their data, click on a name to view their Client Profile.


Exclude Clients After Responding

Once you address an Alert with a client you may want to temporarily exclude him or her from showing up on that Alert for awhile.


If you choose 7 days, the client will reappear in the Alert if the condition is still true in a week. This will remind you that it's time for another touchpoint with your client on this topic.


Managing And Customizing Alerts

Your account comes with 3 Alerts already activated for you. Our stock Alerts will let you know if ... 

  • You haven't reached out to a client in 7 days.
  • You have a new client who hasn’t received a message from you yet.
  • You have a client with a Nudge Score below 50.

Once you’re familiar with the system try configuring other Alerts by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner.