Getting Started With Nudge Coach

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This page is designed to walk you through the process of signing into your Nudge Coach account and getting your clients/patients connected to your account.


Background Information

The Nudge system was designed to help make mobile health more accessible and usable to those in health and wellness. The system consists of 2 complementary platforms.



Designed for the client/patient and available for both iOS and Android. The app allows users to sync the various health tracking apps they use, such as Fitbit, and serves as a secure messaging channel between the two of you. The platform currently syncs with almost 100 apps and devices and is being updated constantly.


Nudge Coach

The platform for YOU, the professional. Nudge Coach is web based and accessible through on tablets and computers. The platform is designed to help you easily access mobile health data, better understand who needs your attention, and even help you manage touchpoints.


Nudge Coach

Walkthrough Video



Signing In

You can access your account by navigating to and clicking "Log In" in the top right corner.

Simply input your account username (email) and password to enter the platform.


Onboarding Your Clients/Patients

Codes are used to connect clients or patients with your Nudge Coach account. In the signup process users will encounter a page asking them to input a code if they have one. If a legitimate code is entered they will be immediately connected to your account and both of you will be notified of the connection.

You can see a diagram of the process below.


QUICK TIP:  Want to test it out? Simply download Nudge from the app store, input your unique code, and you will be able to see the client/patient experience firsthand.

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The Dashboard

The dashboard is where you will find the list of all users connected to your account and their Nudge Factor, as well as where you get feedback from the system based on the alerts you have turned on.

The Nudge Score is a proprietary lifestyle and engagement score designed to allow you to quickly see when a person is trending upwards or downwards based on data collected into the system. The score is a 30-day snap shot of how healthy a person has been living, taking into account nutrition, hydration, activity, and sleep.

More on the score can be read HERE.

You can read more about Alerts HERE, but these alerts serve as mini to-do lists helping you understand how users are doing and who may need your attention. These can be based on simple items such as being notified when you haven't messaged someone in 7 days, or as complex as being notified when a user has < 5,000 steps for 3 consecutive days.

view patient generated health data

The Client/Patient Profile

Upon clicking on a user you will be able to view ALL data collected on that person in the system. The page is modular and allows you to select what information you would like users to track on their Nudge app.

Not interested in monitoring nutrition? No worries, simply open the gear box in the top right corner and "turn off" nutrition through the tracking tab.

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Making Data Less Complicated (the Activity Module)

Once a person connects their apps to Nudge the system will continuously pull in information from that system. If multiple sources are connected we will even try to sort through that information to remove duplicate data.

Regardless of where the information is coming from, manually tracked items in Nudge included, we will present the data using a uniform system to make it as easy for you to read as possible.

view patient data from apps and wearables

Educational Materials


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This article with walk you through some of the models you can leverage when factoring mobile health into your business.


Working with Clients or Patients

We've seen first hand that leveraging a stair-step approach is the most effective when introducing health tracking and Nudge to clients or patients.

Start slow.

While users can track countless items on the Nudge app, we encourage you to start by simply having individuals sync their other apps to Nudge so that you can begin incorporating the system into your model and provide actionable feedback on real data.

From here you can begin recommending users track specific items that you think need additional emphasis, such as servings of water or various food groups.

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