Put Apps & Wearables To Work For You

Make each client's favorite fitness app part of your businesses' amazing services

Fitness Apps and Wearables Help Fitness Professionals Better Manage Clients

The Nudge Health Tracking App

Your secret weapon to keep clients engaged, motivated and on track

Get Data From Fitbit, Get Data From Withings, Get Data From Apple Health, Get Data From iHealth, Get Data From Garmin, Get Data From Jawbone

One-tap sync

When your client syncs an app or wearable to their Nudge App, it automatically gives you access to the data as it comes in.

This means once your client syncs their wearable once, all they have to do is move for you to see their daily steps and cardio, so you can help them stay on track.

Simple lifestyle logging

Some data you can't get with a wearable. The Nudge app fills that gap with the best, easiest-to-use manual logging tool on the market, period.

Had a glass of water? Tap the water button. Went to a fitness class? Just tap it into the Nudge Log. So simple you can use it with clients of any age or technical level.

Combine The World's Easiest To Use Health Tracking App With Synced Data From Wearables To Monitor All Your Client's Health Habits

Your Own Custom Health App Can Also Track Your Own Custom Health And Lifestyle Inputs

Customized by you

Do you have that one extra thing you'd love to be able to ask your clients each day?

Nudge lets you add custom trackers to each client's app, making it easy to get the exact info you need, as often as you need it.

Track Your Impact With Data Reporting

Get monthly summary spreadsheets you can use to track success stories and measure ROI

Get Simple Monthly Health Data Summary Reports So You Can Measure Your Impact And ROI