Highlight Your Brand Throughout The Nudge App

Remind your clients that your business cares each time they open the Nudge app

Co-Brand or White-Label Our Health Tracking App To Feature Your Brand To Fitness Clients

Customize Reminders For Any Group of Clients

Organize clients into groups and create custom reminders to streamline your workflows


Create Groups

Organize your clients into groups based on their goals, organizations, or the level of attention they require.

Create a Weight Loss Group, Create a Nutrition Group, Create a Fitness Group, Create a Wellness Group

Add Reminders

Create reminders specific to each group to make sure you always know who needs your attention and why.

Never Forget To Follow-up With Fitness Clients

Save Time

Each reminder automatically adds clients who meet the criteria you create, saving you hours of digging through data.

Time-Saving Tools For Fitness Professionals

Create Custom Trackers For Any Client

Create a simple way for a client to track the custom inputs you want to focus on

Create Custom Health Tracking Questions And Buttons For Your Fitness Clients