Nudge Partners With WISC For New Digital Coaching Program

This week Nudge has partnered with Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex (WISC) to make an innovative new program available to its members. Members get access to a customized WISC-branded app experience combining the best fitness tracking tools with the personal relationship and insights of a member of our health coaching network. And it’s all available through the Nudge App.

This program marks the launch of a whole new way Nudge can add the benefits of member health engagement and on-demand health coaching into any member population. But even more importantly for many of you, this new program can serve as a template for how we can help answer one of the toughest challenges facing independent coaches:  How can I plug myself into programs that will grow my coaching business?

First, let's walk through how this program will look from the perspective of a WISC member to show how easy it is to participate.

WISC will begin by promoting Nudge to it’s audience using email newsletters, a workshop with one of our health coaches, and onsite materials to get buy in from members. Here is an example of how they will be directed to take advantage of these benefits:

1.  Search ‘nudge' in the App Store or Google Play and download the app.

2. Enter the unique Promo Code as the first step of creating your account.

- This gives you the customized WISC version of the app.

3. Finish creating your profile and answer a few questions to get a starting Nudge Score.

- This score provides simple, actionable feedback on how healthy you’re living and areas of your lifestyle you can target for improvement.

4. Sync any apps and wearables you already use, and get started tracking your lifestyle!

That’s all it takes to get up and running. When offering a benefit to a member audience like this, it’s vital to make it dead simple to take advantage, and this is how we do it.

Now that we’ve covered how members get started, we come to the part most of you are probably waiting for. How does the coach get involved?

As our network of coaches has grown, we have begun identifying coaches who are having success with their clients using Nudge Coach. We choose coaches who are ready to make their services available to our audience through the Nudge App - a program that was recently featured in the New York Times Bits Blog - OR we can connect a partner coach with an organization like WISC so they can serve as the face of their coaching program.

WISC selected from our network of coaches an official Nudge Coach for their program. WISC gets a great coach to work with their members who are ready to make a change, and our partner coach gets access to a captive audience of new potential clients. As you can see, everyone wins.

We know that growing your client-base is one of the biggest challenges of being a health coach, and this is just another example of how Nudge Coach is focused on pursuing creative ways to make that easier through our digital coaching platform.

If you haven’t already, get in touch with us to learn how you can get set up with Nudge Coach, and start working your way toward opportunities like this one to grow your business and have a meaningful impact on the lives of more people who need you.