This Is How a Personal Trainer Can Change Healthcare

This week on the podcast, Mac has gone missing and I'm joined by Lisa Dougherty, Founder and President of the Medical Fitness Network to talk about the power of exercise to prevent and heal, and the massive gap in fitness and wellness services that no one seems to want to fill including:

[11:30] the huge opportunity that an unhealthy, aging population presents to fitness professionals,

[18:45] the many ways the Medical Fitness Network benefits doctors and medical practices,

[24:00] what it takes to bridge the gap between the medical and fitness communities,

[28:00] how membership fees were set up and where the money comes from to support it all,

[34:00] and the next problem the Medical Fitness Network should try to solve with it's platform. Join the Medical Fitness Network Now for 20% Off.

Nuggets of Wisdom

"For decades, and this even goes back to the 1940's and 50's, there have been medical and health organizations like the American Heart Association, the Diabetes Association, and now there's the Michael J. Fox Foundation - they all just tell people that they should exercise and diet ... and that's it ... they don't send them anywhere!"

- Lisa Dougherty

"Exercise helps prevent, treat, rehabilitate every chronic disease medical condition in the United States and our nation is having a health crisis. And I don't think people realize how serious it is. There are 100 million baby boomers in the U.S. (and I'm one of them). And in the next 12 years, they're going to be 65 and older. That means that 30% of our population will be 65 and older, and right now according to the CDC, 80% of them have a chronic disease medical condition, and 50% have 2 or more. Right now! ... A lot of people in the fitness industry have talked about exercise is medicine, and that we need to do this, and I've been a fitness professional now for 2 decades and no one has done anything about it!"

- Lisa Dougherty

"You have to realize that people who can afford personal training are usually people in their 50's or older because you're a car payment to somebody. And those people who can afford your services - trust me - they've had cardiovascular disease, they have arthritis, they've had a knee replacement, so the real market for education in the fitness industry is to learn how to work with our aging population. That's the new "medical fitness" if you will."

- Lisa Dougherty


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