About Nudge

We help health businesses increase their reach and impact by teaching them the power of mobile health coaching.

No, we didn’t write the book, “Nudge”. That was these guys:

Cass Sunstein, author of Nudge
Richard Thaler, author of Nudge and Nobel Prize Winner

But yes, we are the team who pioneered a lot of what people know about mobile health coaching today.

For example, we built one of the first, and certainly best, mobile health coaching platforms on the market, which we continue to innovate on today.

We didn’t just do this to satisfy some entrepreneurial itch or our intellectual curiosity.

We believe leveraging mobile technology to scale up the impact of effective health coaching is going to be essential to turning the tide on the epidemic of chronic disease and resulting plague of rising healthcare costs in the coming years.

But we also believe health coaching doesn’t work in the aggregate. The key is personalizing the experience to fit each individual’s physical and emotional needs - their readiness to engage with us, and their readiness to change specific behaviors that will improve their health.

That makes our work both art and science, but our aim is clear: to enable health professionals to reach and impact people’s lives at greater scale… with a “one person at a time” focus.

On Technology

This means people always come first for us.

So if people come first, then why do we build software?

We believe technology, if harnessed properly, can help strengthen relationships between people. Especially when it’s used to keep us connected for a greater purpose, like helping us guide one another to changing our health.

Our software is built first to strengthen relationships between coaches and clients.

Second, it is built to help those clients feel empowered and emboldened to continually pursue better health.

And third, it is built to make managing coaching relationships as scalable as possible, while still remaining personal.

Because in the end, it is essential to our mission that we enable great health coaches to reach and impact as many people as possible for the better.

On Methodology

So we build software, but we are more than a software company. We are the ambassadors of the new science of health engagement.

This means we live in the continuous pursuit of developing the best tools and methods to guide health coaches (the real heroes of our story) to help more people change their health for the better.

We believe that health is best pursued from the inside out. That each individual has a will to harness and a motivating reason ‘why’ that will guide their actions.

This is the essence of intrinsic motivation, the only true source of behavior change that sustains long enough to changes lives.

And this gets us to the core problem we are here to solve.

Health programs don’t work because they are designed for study subjects, not for people.

They assume compliance, instead of putting in the work with people to earn their trust and build to compliance.

That’s why people don’t engage in and stick with health programs.

If people completed the health programs they started, wouldn’t our rates of chronic disease and the healthcare cost curve look a bit less apocalyptic than they do now?

We believe in pioneering smarter solutions when the old ones so clearly aren’t working.

The fact is people don’t change all at once. They need to be ready to change in order to sustain it. People need to know their reason for making a change.

We believe health professionals must pursue relationships with clients.

We believe health coaches must understand how to work with each person to identify the initial steps toward lasting change that they are ready and willing to make.

This is why we educate on the science of behavior change, and how mobile health coaching software can be harnessed to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness.

On Business

We believe in businesses of all sizes.

Small businesses empower people to pursue their purpose and their dreams, and that’s why we offer our software, education, and training to you, with Starter Plans starting as low as $25/month.

Mid-sized business are the often-forgotten glue of the economy. They innovate and create initiatives that employ teams of people to deliver beautiful solutions like large-scale diabetes prevention programs, chronic care management programs, weight loss programs and more.

We are proud to serve these teams with guidance, training and technology to help them fulfill their purpose of improving the health of so many.

And to the world’s great enterprises, we believe in you too. Our business is here because of programs funded by large businesses. Our offices are affordably leased to us thanks to large businesses.

And that’s why we love when our software can find its way to powering health solutions that drive revenue for large businesses. Or when our software empowers teams to offer personalized health services that make a difference in the health and lives of employees at large businesses.

On Common Purpose

We are all in this together.

Today’s great challenges - the poor and declining health of our population, and the unsustainable rising costs of health care just to name a few - look just as scary from where I sit writing this as they do from where you sit reading it.

We believe cooperation is the fuel of good capitalism.

We believe shared purpose is the fuel of good work.

And we are a team of people (just like you), ready and waiting for any good reason you can give us to work together with you to change health for the better, one person at a time.

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